If you’re a rookie in the world of first person shooters, you’re going to want to aim for a primary weapon that’s easy to use and offers a good mix of mobility, sense of power, and accuracy. For example, a sniper rifle is a good pick for the beginner because it will help you hit the moving target and let you take out a target from the distance without having to be too close to them. However, the damage sniper rifles deal is limited, so you need to be somewhat skilled at aiming to use them.

Melee weapons are actually pretty popular. Most games give the player a chance to get in close and start wreaking havoc on their enemies. There are plenty of weapons out there for players to choose from, and you’d be surprised at how many you can find even on sale. Some of these weapons will be fantastic, and others will be so terrible that they will make you rethink your purchase.

As a newbie to the gaming world, you may be wondering what the best primary weapons are for newbies. You should go for a bow, as it is easy to use, has a high damage output and is just perfect for beginners. Two other good weapons for newbies are swords and axes, as they are the most popular weapons used in the game. You can get a good weapon for free if you are a newbie, and do not aim for the best ones.

Weapons in Warframe are often a bit tricky, especially for newcomers: Without perfect mods, it often feels like too much to just switch to melee mode and fight your way through groups of monsters with a sword, hammer, whip, or whatever you can get your hands on. While there’s nothing wrong with the melee style, the main weapon offers a host of different bonuses that are often overlooked by newcomers.

5 best basic weapons for beginners

There are currently over 130 basic weapons in the game, so we try to focus our top 5 on weapons that not only increase your damage, but also improve your survivability. We also try to limit our list to weapons that are strong, even if you don’t have all the mods, or don’t have enough endo to maximize those mods.

#1 Tigris (MR 7)

If you can’t use Tigris Prime or Sancti Tigris (or can’t get one), start with the normal version of Tigris – it’s a great way to increase your damage potential against higher level enemies or even in boss fights. The Tigris deals a lot of damage with its double shot run and can help you deal damage to units with high health reserves. While this weapon may not be the best choice by itself against large groups of monsters, you can easily combine it with other Warframe weapons or skills to take out many lower-level monsters and use the shotgun only against enemies that can’t take your damage.

#2 Fulmin (MR 8)

Fulmin is Irrlicht’s signature weapon and will eventually get its own version in the game. But in the end, it doesn’t matter if you get the primed version or buy the standard market plan, because it will still be a big help for longer or more difficult missions – especially if you’re a beginner. The reason is simple: Not only does Fulmin have two different and powerful types of fire, but he never runs out of ammo. Instead, after you don’t fire for a second, it automatically regenerates its ammo (30 per second) until it reaches its maximum amount again. So if you have ammo problems with your barrels, try playing with these weapons!

#3 Ignis Wraith (MR 9)

This weapon is probably the hardest to get in our top 5, but it’s worth it. Right now you can wait for Baro Ki’Tir to sell them in his shop, buy them from other players via trade chat or the Warframe Marketplace, or try to get them from one of the clans that actually owns the blueprint. The main reason you want Ignis’ Wraith is that it has a large combat area, combined with innate heat damage that can easily be converted to blast damage. This way you not only get a lot of damage against groups of mobs, but you can also use light crowd control against enemies that won’t die within a second. Ignis Wraith has a decent range and a large kill zone. word-image-17832 word-image-17833

#4 Zhuge (MR 10)

Unfortunately, bows and crossbows are not the best weapons in Warframe (unless you have a maxed-out Lenz or an excellent Kuva Bramm), mainly because they are very slow compared to the other main weapons. Yet the Juguet (or its award-winning version) is an exception to this rule: The weapon has a fairly high base damage, automatic fire mode, and high status probability. As a bow weapon, it also gets double bonuses from the fire rate modulators and can even use the Thunderbolt modulator, which allows you to inflict both area damage and explosion damage to control crowds. But be careful: You can give yourself a self-inflicted shock by jumping into your own explosions!

#5 Wycor Tail (MR 12)

Heck you can get after reaching rank 4. This is a great gun to start with, but over time you’ll want to upgrade to Syndicate’s version, the Vaykor Hek. Whether you trade it with other players or reach the highest rank of the Steel Meridian yourself, this weapon will greatly increase your damage and survivability. Besides the normal damage that you do when you shoot at enemies, the shotgun also has a so-called equity effect that automatically kicks in when you have obtained a certain number of affinities. This effect not only deals 1,000 damage to any enemy within 25 feet of you, but also heals you of 25% of your maximum health and increases your base armor by 15% for 30 seconds. So, each effect damages, heals, and also increases your survivability! Procedure Justice inflicts damage and increases your survivability. word-image-17834 word-image-17835


As you continue to upgrade your mods, purchase new mods and collect more weapons, you will be able to use your main weapons more and more. In the meantime, using one of our top five weapons can help you get through the game faster and increase your damage. If you think we missed a good weapon, or if you want to share your own top 5, leave a comment below!There are many types of weapons in the gaming world (sniper, machine gun, pistols, shotguns, grenades, etc.). But for the purposes of this article, I will focus on the weapons a beginner would want in order to start playing games. I want to focus on one weapon type for each game, in hopes that readers will have a better understanding of the weapon’s characteristics and how to use it in the game.. Read more about best weapons in warframe 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best primary weapon in Warframe 2021?

Everyone knows that Warframe is one of the most popular online games out there! The tricky thing about the game is that it’s not really your typical FPS game. You have to pick a warframe and then pick a warframe weapons to go with it. The game looks fantastic and is definitely one of the best looking games on the market. If you want to know what the best weapon in the game is, read on! The original Warframe was released in 2013, and its community has grown significantly since then. It’s one of the most popular titles for PC, and a wealth of new content is planned for the coming months. So, to get myself prepared for the future, I decided to write a comprehensive guide that covers the best weapons for beginners in the Warframe universe.

What are the best weapons in Warframe 2021?

In Warframe, the number of players you can kill in a single battle has grown exponentially over the years. By 2021 it will be up to hundreds. The best way to improve a in a game like this is to have a good weapon. Here are five of the best. Warframe is an online co-op first-person shooter game. It offers a diverse and constantly growing game world. In Warframe, you play as Tenno, a highly advanced force with unique powers that harness the abilities of warframes, powerful cybernetics that you can pilot and customize.

What is the best beginner weapon in Warframe?

Since there isn’t a single best weapon in WARFRAME, picking the best weapon depends on your play style. If you’re a specialist, the best choice is the Scindo. If you’re a soldier, the best choice is the Vandal. But if you’re a grinder, the best choice is the Antinium. So, here we are again. With Warframe’s recently re-released Starter Pack, we’re seeing more and more new players popping into the game and so we thought it’d be a good time to do something useful for them. With that in mind, we contacted the TennoGen and asked them for their favorite weapon in the game for beginners. After polling nearly double the number of players who voted last year, we’re excited to share the best beginner weapons with you.

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