Activision-Blizzard has yet to negotiate the future of Kotick with Microsoft. When asked by a shareholder, Activision reiterated that they have not negotiated anything and will be prioritizing other shareholders first.

Activision-Blizzard has not yet negotiated Bobby Kotick’s future with Microsoft, according to the company’s latest SEC filing.

Activision-Blizzard tells the SEC it hasn’t yet negotiated Kotick’s future with Microsoft


While it’s all but assured that if the Microsoft acquisition of Activision-Blizzard goes through, CEO Bobby Kotick will get to flutter away on a parachute lined with platinum, gold, and kitten tears, what still isn’t clear is whether Kotick will remain as CEO at all after the fact. According to a line added by Activision to its SEC filing last week, Kotick’s post-acquisition fate still isn’t determined, nor was it discussed or negotiated.

“No discussions or negotiations between Microsoft and Mr Kotick regarding post-closing employment arrangements occurred prior to the approval and execution of the merger agreement and the transactions contemplated thereby, or have occurred subsequent to such approval and execution, through the date hereof.”

Despite reports that he tried to withhold harassment reports from the company’s board, digging that uncovered a long-reaching and vindictive litigation history, calls to resign from workers, industry giants, and ActiBlizz’s own investors, and even Kotick’s own consideration to step down if the company’s “frat boy” culture isn’t corrected – a correction that he himself is considering – Kotick will remain as CEO of Blizzard

Activision added a sentence to its primary filing regarding the anticipated sale to Microsoft on Friday, emphasizing that Microsoft and Bobby Kotick have not to discuss or negotiate his post-merger job future.


— Stephen Totilo (@stephentotilo) April 18, 2022


Activision-Blizzard has not yet negotiated with Activision CEO Bobby Kotick about what his future will be. Reference: activision ceo.

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