Animal Crossing developers have implemented a way for players to add friends via code, best friend and friend codes.

The “how to add friends on animal crossing with friend code” is a trick that allows users to add friends in Animal Crossing via Dodo Code and Best Friends.

Add Friends in Animal Crossing Via Dodo Code, Best Friends, Friend Code

New Horizons is a wonderful game to play alone, but nothing compares to sharing your experience in Animal Crossing by playing with and adding friends.

You may tour each other’s islands and marvel at their inventions when you add a buddy in Animal Crossing. Not only is it more fun to play with friends, but it also unlocks certain extra features, particularly when you add someone as a best friend in Animal Crossing.

How to Make New Friends in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

10 minutes are required.

  1. Start playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

    Turn on your Nintendo Switch and Start playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. as the user you want to play the game as. If you have multiple users on your Switch, ensure you choose the correct one as you’ll be adding friends your character has played with.272328168_308082634464963_8051708525164135621_n

  2. Dodo Airlines may be found on the internet.

    On day 2 of your Animal Crossing island, you’ll be able to Dodo Airlines may be found on the internet.. This unlocks the ability to play with friends locally, via online play, and add The best of friends.dodo-airlines-animal-crossing

  3. Speak with Orville.

    Once inside Dodo Airlines, Speak with Orville.. Choose “I want visitors” if you want a friend to visit your island. Select “via online play” or “via local play”.

    Local play is only possible if you are physically close to another person in your home who has a Nintendo Switch and has a copy of Animal Crossing.acnh-local-play

  4. Obtain Friendships

    You’ll be able to invite anybody you want to your island, whether it’s all of your pals or people you’ve met via Dodo Code.

    Orville can provide you with Dodo Codes. You may offer your buddies a Dodo Code so they can access via your island’s gates if you earn one.

    Alternatively, you can invite only your friends or The best of friends to your island, meaning not just anyone with your Dodo Code can enter. 271937279_505907084292992_5016733365987847671_n

  5. Make New Friends

    You may add your pals to your Nintendo Switch friends list now that they can visit your island. Select your profile in the upper left-hand corner after pressing the home button on your Switch.

    From here, you can select Add Friend > Search for Users You’ve Played With. This will open up a list of players you’ve recently played with, including the game you played with them. 271899373_526339521901750_7633267435517252972_n

  6. Create a Friend Request

    Now that you’ve seen which friends you’ve played with recently. You can simply press A on your friend’s profile picture, and select Create a Friend Request.

    A request will be sent to their Nintendo Switch as a result of this. You’ll be buddies on your Nintendo Switch console after they accept your request.animal-crossing-played-together

  7. Make New Friends in Animal Crossing

    You may add a buddy as a Best Friend once you’ve played Animal Crossing with them by inviting them to your island or visiting their island.

    This is done by choosing The best of friends List from your Nook Phone while hitting ZL in the game. Select a name from the list and ask to be The best of friends with it.acnh-best-friends

What Can Animal Crossing Friends Do?

For a complete list of prerequisites and choices for doing stuff with friends in the game, see our Animal Crossing multiplayer guide.

For the time being, here’s a short rundown of the activities that friends and closest friends may access.

Optional Gameplay Friends The best of friends
Fruits and flowers should be picked and planted. yes yes
Obtain insects and fish yes yes
Gather materials on the ground. yes yes
To collect iron, clay, or money, hit stones. no yes
Forage for wood from trees. no yes
Look for clams and fossils. no yes
Trees should be planted. no yes
To purchase and sell, go to the Nook Shop. yes yes
Items in Resident Services may be accessed. no no
Speak with the local animals. yes yes
Enter residences yes yes

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you add best friends on Animal Crossing?

A: There is no way to add a friend on Animal Crossing. This is due to Nintendo not wanting people playing online with friends and ruining the experience of meeting new animals in single player mode.

How do I find my animal crossing friend code?

A: You can find your animal crossing friend code by going to the main menu, then pressing select and entering your Nintendo ID.

Is a friend code the same as a dodo code?

A: No, a friend code is different from a dodo code.

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