After numerous map changes in Apex Legends Season 13, players are divided on whether the new maps will benefit or hurt the game. Respawn Entertainment wants to make a break from tradition by implementing rotation and change up gameplay for all three characters rather than just one character each season.

The “apex legends season 13 map” is a new map that will be released in Apex Legends Season 13. The map was first revealed on Reddit and then confirmed by Respawn Entertainment.

The 13th season of Apex Legends was released earlier this month, and with it came a slew of new content! Some enhancements for the tropical map Storm Point are included in this package. Given how unpopular Storm Point has been among fans, these enhancements are very welcomed!

There is lots of new stuff for us to discuss, including a fresh new POI, a new method to acquire treasure, and countless other tiny adjustments. As a result, we’ll go over all of the major map adjustments made to Storm Point in Apex Legends season 13 in this walkthrough.

Overview of All Map Changes

Without further ado, let’s dive right into this guide to all Apex Legends season 13 map changes!

Downed Beast is a new POI.

ss_fe29235ea5120ed7af957df7a65160970baeeb4b-1024x683 downed beast- map changes in apex legends HGG/Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG

Let’s start with the most exciting modification to Storm Point: the addition of a fresh new point of interest. You may remember this region as Downed Beast from some of the previous teasers.

The major “structure” of this new POI is a washed-up marine monster that has met its fate on the shores of Storm Point, making it a “organic battle zone.” Climb to the top of the corpse for a great view of the surrounding region. The most intriguing feature of this POI, though, is what you’ll discover inside.

You’ll discover nice items all over the place since it’s a high-tier treasure zone. However, the greatest and most precious stuff can only be obtained by entering the creature and passing through its ribcage! If it seems too disgusting, there are still lots of products on the exterior. There are multiple structures with valuable treasure and plenty of close-quarters combat possibilities.

Spectre Bots + IMC Armories

Apex-Legends-5_20_2022-5_44_37-PM-1024x683 Spectre Bots + IMC Armories HGG/Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The PvE encounters on the map Storm Point are one of my favorites. While many players may find them irritating, I like them since they break up the monotony of the game and provide some excellent prizes. Respawn has taken this a step further by adding a new sort of opponent to the map: Spectres!

These are ominous humanoid robots that were said to be coming to the game in Season 5. They’ve finally arrived, eight seasons later! They may be found at one of four distinct spots around the map. They’ve been imprisoned within the IMC Armories, a new facility introduced to the map (shown in the image above).

When you approach one, the hatches will drop, allowing you and your team to enter. Then, using a console towards one end of the structure, you may summon waves of spectres to attack you and your squad! If you can survive the wave for one minute, you’ll get some unique treasure suited to your loadout.

After you’ve completed fighting, you may either go via the hatches or use the gravity cannon in the middle of the area to launch yourself into the air.

Other Minor Modifications

Apex-Legends-5_20_2022-6_24_58-PM-1024x683 apex legends smaller changes HGG/Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

A lot of minor modifications have been made to enhance the overall gaming experience for each battle, in addition to the new POI and IMC Armories spread across the island.

Several additional objects, such as rocks, have been added to the map by Respawn, particularly in the regions near prowler dens. These additional items were included to make battle more intriguing, since there are now more barriers for both prowlers and players to navigate through. On the subject of prowler dens, a new one has been discovered near the Cenote Cave on the map’s western side.

For this season’s map rotations, King’s Canyon has been eliminated. As a result, we’ll be limited to Olympus, World’s Edge, and Storm Point. The amount of time it takes to rotate a map has also been lowered. This was adjusted because the original rotation time “may cover the whole play session for certain folks,” according to Respawn.

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We hope you find this post about Apex Legends season 13 map modifications to be useful! What are your thoughts on the new alterations? Let us know in the comments section below!

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