Season 12 of Apex Legends started with a surprise map change, but it’s the first in what will be many. The developer has made big changes to some maps, and they’ve also nerfed popular characters like Gibraltar and Wattson. We’ll get more information on April 3rd when Season 12 starts up again.

The “apex legends season 12 map rotation” is a list of every map change in the Season 12. The changes have been released on the game’s website and are available to download.

Apex Legends Map Changes: Every Map Change in Season 12

Apex Legends map revisions introduced a number of fresh upgrades and modifications to the battlefield of Olympus with the launch of Season 12: Defiance! Along with the latest version came new POIs, quality of life enhancements, and other minor tweaks.

But, precisely, what changed? How does the map flow now that all of these changes have been made? Where can I find the new POIs? Is it ever worthwhile to drop by these spots?

In this post, Apex Legends: Every New Map Change in Season 12, we’ll address all of these questions and go through all of the new modifications to Olympus in great depth.

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Take notes since we’ll be covering a lot of ground!

Phase Driver is a new point of interest (POI).

Let’s start with a discussion of one of the map’s newest places of interest. In my view, Phase Driver is the most intriguing. It is located in the southwest part of the map, northwest of Bonsai Plaza and east of Hydroponics.

Apex-Legends-2_8_2022-6_29_55-PM-1-1024x576 Phase Driver- New Map Location in Season 12 Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment via HGG

It’s a big, circular building with several containers and barrels strewn around. To top it all off, there’s a big doorway at the summit of the building! A control panel located at the northern end of the POI may be used to activate this portal.

The portal will open up when you interact with the control panel, and various treasure boxes will fall down for you to gather! When you destroy these loot containers, they’ll open up, revealing gold and purple gear as well as other goodies.

Arriving here early in the game allows you to stock up on important goods and equipment before your opponents do. In my experience, it isn’t a very common hot drop, which I don’t understand given how valuable the stuff here is.

Terminal is a new point of interest.

The next fresh point of interest I’d want us to investigate is Terminal. The POI itself isn’t very noteworthy, but it is a fantastic new area that you may find yourself visiting throughout the game (for reasons I’ll explain later).

It’s just underneath the lengthy Phase Runner that goes across the whole map. It’s located southwest of Hammond Labs and north of the previously stated Phase Driver POI.

Apex-Legends-2_14_2022-2_35_00-PM-1024x576 New Point of Interest: Terminal Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment via HGG

The site may not contain much in the way of treasure, but it is visually appealing. It’s a large, confined facility with a variety of computers and loot bins strewn around. In the middle, there is a large hologram of the Phase Driver, and you can see the Phase Runner up above you!

Because of ring rotations, this is a spot you’ll be visiting often. This POI was placed in a common spot for late-game firefights to provide players with a different way to rotate into the following ring. As a consequence, this new POI makes traversing the map a whole lot simpler!

Other Minor Map Modifications: Minor yet Notable Modifications

Apex-Legends-2_14_2022-2_34_23-PM-1024x576 Apex Legends Map Changes - Small Map Changes in Season 12 Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment via HGG

In addition to all of the new attractions, Olympus has undergone a few minor–but significant–changes.

Random items have transported all over the globe as a consequence of the phase technology going berserk. Various buildings and things with an odd purple light may now be seen around the city.

New landmasses have been added to the map’s southern region. As a result, you’ll have more room to roam about and fewer locations to fall to your doom!

The positions of the POI’s Bonsai Plaza and Solar Array have been somewhat altered, which may take some getting accustomed to. They’ve both been shifted farther out from the map’s center. It’s not a tremendous difference, but if you haven’t already, you may want to consider utilizing a Trident to go to these sites.

New ziplines have been added to the map to make it simpler for you and your team to go around.

Several additional changes have been made to decrease the impact of chokepoints and make rotating between rounds considerably simpler.

Last but not least, the Olympus skybox has undergone a significant transformation! The floating city has been moved to a new position, which has brought with it a new skybox. You can see a large metropolis with hundreds of buildings if you peek over the side! This is my particular favorite of the new features. The map now seems more like a genuine metropolis than a floating resort in the sky, as it did before.

Apex-Legends-2_8_2022-6_31_10-PM-1024x576 Apex Legends Olympus Skybox Screen Shot Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment via HGG

Be a part of the High Ground

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The “apex season 12 map rotation” is a list of every map change that has occurred in Season 12 of the battle royale game, Apex Legends. The list includes the new maps, changes to existing maps and what time they were released.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apex Legends change map?

A: Yes, Apex Legends changes the map every 2 hours.

Is Olympus coming back to Apex?

A: It is possible for Olympus to return in Apex, but it is more likely that it will remain as a DLC item.

What happened to Olympus Apex Legends?

A: Due to a very dismal performance on the market, this game was closed down.

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