At its core, Pantheon is a game that’s built from the ground up to reward players for their gameplay with in-game items. This creates an incentive for people to keep playing and coming back. In other words, it’s one of those rare games where you get something out of playing every single day that doesn’t require paying real money. It sounds like a dream come true…

Betawatch: Pantheon plans alpha and increased awareness for 2022

You are not the real thing.

You’re reading this while sitting there! Are you familiar with Pantheon? One of the major goals for 2022, according to the creators, is to raise awareness, in the hopes that more people would be interested if they learn about it. And, based on the fact that “pledging money to the game” is one of the elements noted as being enhanced in 2022 along with a planned alpha, maybe also toss some money at the game in the process. Awesome.

You may also be aware of other beta news, but if you aren’t, here’s everything you need to know:

Check out the list of games that are currently being tested for more information. However, maybe you’re aware of anything that should have been removed from the list or moved to a different testing condition at this time. If that’s the case, please let us know in the comments so we can address the problem.


We consider an MMO to be in open testing if it offers free, public signups and will wipe servers before launch. If an MMO is in closed testing, it’s because it’s in a private test phase that can’t be accessed by the general public; it’s also generally under NDA. We will include early access and crowdfunded MMOs that pass our standards. We do not mention so-called “open beta” soft-launch MMOs with cash shops, no hint of a western launch, or low interest for our readers; we also do not list expansions, with a few exceptions.

Arcfall is a pre-alpha version of Arcfall. Alpha one of the Ashes of Creation Early admission to the Blankos Block Party Early access to the Book of Travels Camelot Unchained: Closed beta one Children of Ur: Open alpha, development merged with Eleven Chronicles of Elyria: Pre-alpha, development merged with Eleven Chronicles of Elyria: Pre-alpha, development merged with Eleven Chronicles of Elyria: Pre-alpha, development merged with Eleven Chronicles of Ely Closed Beta for Cinderstone Online Alpha is the first installment in the City of Titans series. Closed alpha for Corepunk Early admission to Craftopia Closed beta is the next step in the cycle. Early access to Dark and Light Pre-alpha version of Dreamworld Beta for both universes is available for a fee. Early access (ECO) Eleven: Alpha is now closed. Closed alpha for Embers Adrift Alpha Frozen Flame: Closed beta: Beta Fractured: Beta Fractured: Beta Fractured: Beta Fractured: Beta Fractured: Beta Fractured: Beta Alpha, Genfanad, Genfanad, Genfanad, Genfan Gloria Victis is available as a beta (early access) on Steam. Early access to Inferna Kurtzpel: This is a closed beta. Line of Defense: Early access is no longer available on Steam. Closed beta for Raiders of the Lost Ark Closed beta for Mortal Online 2 will begin on January 25th. Noah’s Heart is a beta version of Noah’s Heart. Early access to Occupy White Walls Open beta for Osiris: New Dawn is now available. Early access to Outlaws of the Old West Pantheon: Pre-alpha backer Project Genom is no longer in alpha, and the servers are being restructured using SpatialOS. Early access beta for Project Gorgon Early access to Prosperous Universe Ravendawn: Alpha Rise Online is now available for play. SamuTale is a closed alpha version of SamuTale. Beta testing is underway for Ship of Heroes. Skydome is currently in closed beta. Backer alpha for Star Citizen Early access open alpha for Starbase Temtem is a term that means “early access.” Early access alpha for The Black Death Closed beta is the next step in the cycle. Early access alpha for The Repopulation TitanReach: Development has been revived, although it is currently unavailable. Valiance Online: Beta testing is now closed. Early access to Wild Terra 2 Zenith is a closed beta game that will be released on January 27th.

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