This is a guide for solving the Biomutant Cable puzzle.

This is a guide to help you solve Biomutant cable puzzle #51, which is featured in the game Biomutant. This video shows you how to solve it.

Once a single cable in the game is extended, it will trigger the solution to the puzzle. You just need to gather all of these cables to re-assemble the puzzle again and get to the next area.

The cable puzzle is one of three puzzle types in Biomutant . In these puzzles, you must generate a value by connecting wires to specific connectors that match those at the bottom of the puzzle. In this guide, we explain how these puzzles work and also give some tips on how to solve them. The nature of these puzzles depends on the difficulty of the game.

How to solve the cable puzzle in Biomutant

To solve the cable puzzle, match the green letters below with the white letters. To reposition the cables in these puzzles, simply press one end of the cable and click on the connector to reposition it. You have a limited number of moves to complete the puzzle, but fortunately you can determine the solution to the puzzle before you make a move. As you complete the puzzle, your intelligence increases, which increases the number of moves allowed for the next puzzles. You start with ten. Each terminal of the puzzle adds a number of letters labeled above the terminal, but may also subtract a number of letters labeled below the terminal. You need to make sure that the sum of the ports you are connected to matches the number of letters in the white button below. The easiest puzzles have only one letter (X) and the most difficult ones have several.   word-image-13251 word-image-13252 Let’s start with one of the simplest puzzles above, which has only one letter. A simple way to think about it is to consider the net change that occurs as a result of each movement. If you z. B. Take the cable in the lower left slot and move it to the upper left slot, the net change is +2. That’s because you’re going from port [XXX, -XX] to port [XXX], so the total is increased by two, which is exactly what you need to solve the cable puzzle! Remember to addto , and then find a move that makes this net change.   word-image-13253 word-image-13254 Take a look at the cable puzzle above, which is a little more complicated. The easiest way is to tackle one letter at a time. As you can see, you need two Xs, so count all the Xs you have on the board. Two in the top corners, two double X’s in the bottom row, then two negative X’s. That’s four in total, which means you need all but two of them to activate them. Repeat this process for Y and Z, and you’ll see that you need all but one of the Y’s, and all but one of the Z’s. This significantly reduces the problem. Instead of concentrating on the sum of enabled ports, concentrate on the un-enabled ports . It should be fairly easy to know which ports should be left alone if you want the sum of the empty ports to be XXYZ:   word-image-13255 word-image-13256 If you want to know more about Biomutant, we have many guides for you:Biomutant is a game coming out in the next week for PC, Xbox One and PS4. It is the first game by independent studio Experiment 101 and the sequel to the 2017 game, Biomutant. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where robots have overtaken humans, and you play as a boy who has grown up in this world and must use his powers to save his town and the world.. Read more about biomutant rotation puzzle and let us know what you think.

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