Black Desert Mobile’s Lahn update has hit the PVP Arena, and the results are surprisingly good.

Black Desert Mobile players can now earn skill XP faster thanks to a recent patch that has adjusted the rates at which they earn XP from crafting items and slaying monsters, as well as adjusted the way they level up their skills in combat. “The patch series for Black Desert Mobile was released on October 18th, and since then the community has been abuzz with excitement. The patch included:

Black Desert Mobile is in for a banner year. It has already rolled out a major update, which added a lot of big features and improvements, including the ability to level up skills, the option to equip and sell your own gear, and a damage calculation system with a much better experience curve. Black Desert Mobile has also released the Lahn, the newest weapon in the game’s line up. It’s a ranged weapon that can do some serious damage, and it will be a constant source of income for max-level players. This is a weapon that you’ll want to hold onto, as you’ll want it for your guild halls, too.


It’s a story of two updates for the same IP, as Black Desert on PC and Black Desert Mobile are both getting upgrades this week that fans of both games should be aware of. Starting with the PC version of the game, this week’s update reduces the carry weight of potions by half and reduces the cooldown period for some fragrances and elixirs from 20 to 10 seconds. In certain monster zones, the update has also increased skill XP earning rates, with some XP rewards increasing by as much as 70%.

The introduction of warped dark rifts, a cannonball hunt, five daily dice in the Black Spirit’s Adventure item gifting minigame, and events that give away gifts to new and returning players while increasing drop rates and life skill XP rewards are all included in this week’s patch.

Players on Black Desert Mobile may now experience the Lahn’s kung fu ribbon fighting badassery in either her normal ascension form or her awakened Crimson Lily form, as the class has officially debuted in the game with its most recent update. By achieving level 60, players may receive boost items like as Black Pearls, Abyssal accessories, and a tier 4 or 5 pet to commemorate the class’s debut. In the combat demonstration video below, fans can see what the Lahn is all about.


Black Desert Mobile has been getting a lot of attention lately, with its introduction of a new Skill XP System. With the new system, players can level up their skills up to the maximum cap of 50 without ever worrying about the game’s tedious style of grinding for XP.. Read more about massively op twitch and let us know what you think.

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