As the name implies, Bless Unleashed is a Christian-themed MMORPG, and at the time of this writing it’s still in beta testing. That’s why it’s being launched on Steam Early Access, where players can purchase the game for a discounted price of $15. Like any game in Early Access, Bless Unleashed is receiving revisions and bug fixes as it’s being developed, and the developers are adding more features to the game as the development progresses.

In the past, Bless Unleashed, a popular Chinese MMORPG, was a hit on mobile devices. For the PC launch of Bless Unleashed, the game servers were overloaded with all of the game’s players trying to log in. When the servers finally calmed down, the game was abruptly locked to Chinese players (due to region block issues), causing a huge outcry from the international community.

Bless Unleashed’s PC launch is marked by 61K arrivals, server issues, region block, and rough Steam reviews.


So, how did Bless Unleashed’s PC launch go? To begin, I suppose we’ll say “bumpy.” The action MMORPG’s first launch drew a lot of attention, with SteamDB recorded over 61,000 people signing up and almost as many in-game at the time of writing. However, this did not come without a price, as the game’s servers seemed to be overburdened. Round 8 Studio is compensating players with freebies and extending the Dream Dungeon server to meet the increased demand.

While it may seem to be a nice issue to have, there are some negative aspects to consider. Due to the region’s position on lockboxes, the game seems to be inaccessible in Belgium and the Netherlands. Official responses have been mixed in this regard, with an official announcement in February stating that Bless Unleashed would not be coming to the region due to “game related regulations,” while a response to the matter on Steam referencing GDPR restrictions — restrictions that, we should point out, are also applied to other EU countries that aren’t blocked from playing the MMO.

Furthermore, other notable problems with the first launch included the Steam overlay crashing the game for certain players and Lumena from founder’s pack purchases seemingly replicating to other countries and servers. Players are encouraged to deactivate the Steam overlay for the time being, and the developers are working to remove the additional Lumena “so as not to confuse players.”

Finally, the game does not seem to be getting positive feedback from Steam players, as it now has a “mostly negative” aggregate score. Even favorable reviews hammer on the title, with one saying, “The uninstall option works wonderfully!” Tomorrow, we’ll be broadcasting the game so you can see what we think!


The Korean company Bless Unleashed has been hard at work for the last month to bring its first game, Bless Unleashed, to Western audiences. Today they celebrate the launch of the game in North America and Europe with a release on Steam:. Read more about bless unleashed pc and let us know what you think.

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