Blizzard Entertainment has been a leader in the development of online and multiplayer games since its founding by Dave Jones and Mike Morhaime back in 1991. The company is best known for creating titles such as Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Overwatch. In 2019, it will release Diablo Immortal on PC after porting it over to consoles last year with limited success. Blizzard co-founder Rob Pardo explains why they chose not to try the console market again this time around while also detailing some difficulties encountered during the game’s transition from mobile devices to high end PCs.,

Blizzard has announced that it will be porting Diablo Immortal to the PC. The company explained why and how this is happening.

Blizzard explains why – and how – it’s porting Diablo Immortal to PC


Blizzard attempted to counter Activision-poor Blizzard’s quarterly financials earlier today by announcing that Diablo Immortal would be released in June — and on PC as well, featuring “cross-play and cross-progression.” And if you’re asking why the firm would do something like that, the obvious explanation is money. However, a developer blog explains the less apparent solution.

“On the one hand, we thought that launching a game initially built for mobile on PC wouldn’t do the title credit; on the other hand, we wanted to make sure the game reached as many players as possible – particularly our most devoted PC fans,” Blizzard explains. “In the end, we decided to offer a better experience since we knew many of you would try to play our game using an emulator,” says the developer.

The company claims it’s “meticulously translated” controls to mouse and keyboard, so your clicking finger will still get the exercise you’d expect from an MMOARPG, and it’s scaled up the interface and HUG, though some menus could seem a little huge on PC. It will also have WASD direction controls, which will enable players to move around while striking. Of course, you may disregard all of this and just connect a controller.

What about chatting? Yes, there is a fully functional chat system. After all, it’s an MMOARPG.

“Diablo Immortal on PC is a Blizzard experiment. We didn’t intend to release this game on desktop at first, but as soon as it became a possibility, we realized we had to act quickly. If you’ve played past PC Diablo games, the end result will feel a bit different—but we’re quite eager to click Immortal’s demons dead with our mouse, and we hope you will be as well. We recognize that many of you are seasoned PC gamers, and we want to provide you with tools that are familiar to you when you return to Sanctuary. This is a Blizzard thank-you letter, and we hope to see you all in hell when PC joins Open Beta in June! ”


Blizzard has announced that it will be porting Diablo Immortal to PC. The game is a mobile-only title, and Blizzard explains why – and how – it’s doing so. Reference: diablo games.

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