At the start of this year, CCP made a major announcement at fanfest in Reykjavik- it was going to be their last game. As one of the largest gaming companies on earth, they have spent years building an expansive universe that has captivated tens of thousands across multiple platforms and generations. The company is now shifting its focus towards future games with a new team led by CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson (HVP) at the helm. At Fanfest 2022, HVP announced plans for what’s coming next from EVE Online including updates to avatar customization options and more wild alien races like Warlocks and Vipers

EVE Fanfest is a yearly event that takes place in Reykjavik, Iceland. CCP Games has outlined the upcoming attractions for 2022’s EVE Fanfest.

CCP Games outlines coming attractions for 2022’s EVE Fanfest in-person event


As EVE Online’s Fanfest approaches, we’ve reached the stage when CCP Games will use a lineup of upcoming attractions to build up excitement for the return of the in-person event.

Along with the game’s headline presentation, Fanfest 2022 will have panels on art, music, statistics, and assisting new players, as one would anticipate. The return of CCP Games Games, a charity dinner to assist Ablegamers, and the Invasion World Tour grand finals esports event, as well as various local tourism sites extolled by the studio and pre-Fanfest Mixers, will be among the other activities taking place.

In the interest of public safety, we should remind out that the CDC still puts Iceland on its do not travel list because to COVID infection rates, and that the country’s top epidemiologist earlier this month asked for illnesses to spread to create herd immunity. As always, the ultimate choice is yours to make, and CCP did say it will cooperate with local health officials in a few lines, but please be safe and wise.

Finally, CCP’s PLEX for Good campaign to aid Ukraine is coming to a close this coming Tuesday, March 22nd, so those who can afford to give have a short time to do so.


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