Chivalry 2’s Arena Mode has a leaver problem, some of the fans, who’d been playing the game for a while, are already seeking for a solution. The players will meet the challenge by keeping the game updated which will help them to overcome this problem.

One of Chivalry 2’s new features is a new arena mode for online multiplayer battles. While the game’s main campaign is an entirely different beast, this mode is meant to be a satisfying alternative to standard deathmatch. However, there seems to be a problem with some players quitting out of the game, no matter how well they’re doing.

Some argue that the 3D capture system used for Chivalry 2’s Arena Mode is a cure-all for multiplayer matchmaking, where players can get into matches with whoever they come across regardless of skill. Others think it’s too much of a hassle, and that people should be able to drop out of matches in the middle – after all, it’s not like they have to play the entire match. I’m hoping this article will shed some light on the situation.

Chivalry 2's Arena Mode Has A Leaver Problem, Some Players Turn to Honorable 1v1 Duels

The House Galencourt update for Chivalry 2 added a whole new 3v3 Arena mode to the medieval first-person slasher, which caters to gamers looking for smaller-scale combat. Despite the fact that the mode has only been out for a few days, it already has a leaver problem, which some players are combating by providing 1v1 duels to their outnumbered opponents.

The Arena mode in Chivalry 2 sets two teams of three against each other, as you might expect. Because there are no preset constraints on how the battles play out, you get a brief taste of the craziness that goes on in each of the 64 battles, yet each match lasts five rounds. They aren’t always long, but reports suggest that players will leave before the games are finished.

Chivalry 2's Arena Mode Has A Leaver Problem, Some Players Turn to Honorable 1v1 Duels

Chivalry 2's Arena Mode Has A Leaver Problem, Some Players Turn to Honorable 1v1 Duels

This puts the remaining teammate(s) in a difficult situation, since they are now up against three opponents who have a numerical advantage. There’s a case to be made that winning these bouts earns you more digital glory, but without a penalty for leaving, a portion of the playerbase is shifting to 1v1 duels.

“If I’m on the 3rd team and anything like this happens. I constantly attempt to talk to the ‘let’s do honor’ team. Each round, each individual takes a 1v1 turn “croppdeph, a Reddit member, wrote.

“I always give 1v1s if I’m on the ‘3’ team,” Redditor Fruit Salad_ said, “but I don’t get furious if I don’t get 1v1s when I’m outnumbered.” “The 1vX challenge can be entertaining at times. I just whip out the MAA glaive and humiliate the arrogant (IMO, best 1vX weapon in the game – speed, range, and no hit-stop). Still die now and again, but hey, it’s a 1v3 game.”

However, not everyone shares this viewpoint, which can result in three-person teams ganging up on the lone player, which can be aggravating. At the same time, with the appropriate amount of talent and the right circumstances, winning a 1v3 fight in Chivalry 2 is achievable.

Arenas is, at its core, a team-based mode, and the addition of some form of departing penalty may persuade players to finish matches. The option isn’t available in the server browser on PC, however we’re not sure how enthusiastic users would be about joining in-progress battles.

The House Galencourt update also brought with it a slew of other problems. Some gamers think that PC players have an advantage in Arenas due to the game’s control system on consoles.

For some, matchmaking and hit registration aren’t working out so well. Both of the new maps have worse performance than the others. Torn Banner has yet to comment on these modifications through its official means.

In the comments below, tell us about your experience with the update and the 3v3 Arena mode in Chivalry 2.

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