It’s official! Chronicles of Elyria is officially moving closer to its launch date. On Thursday, September 20th, CoE will unlock the NDA on the game’s backer forums and begin allowing fans to start reading the Chronicles of Elyria (CoE) player’s guide. Following the NDA lift, Reddit user Darkinacarrier (a.k.a. Patrick) will post his expulsion from the backer forums, and be allowed to post elsewhere.

Chronicles of Elyria (CoE) is a project that is being developed over at the Neverwinter Nights IP by the community of Neverwinter Nights veterans and is going to be a huge endeavor. After several years of development, and some public beta testing, the game has been removed from the former developer, Cryptic Studios as they have been acquired by The Lord of the Rings developer, Turbine. Turbine has since been working with the community to get CoE back on track, and has mostly been helping out with fixes and rollbacks, and has been working hard to prove that the game will be delivered as promised.

Chronicles of Elyria is a 3d open world game, that is currently in pre-alpha stage on Steam. With 13,000+ preorders on Kickstarter, the game is slated for a 2017 release. The game is being developed by the team behind the popular game Reamde, and has already bagged a few awards, including the Audience Award at SXSW for 2015.

A week ago, Chronicles of Elyria backers sounded the alarm over a new NDA that Soulbound Studios asked them to sign as part of the Kingdoms of Elyria test. It contained a clause that seemed to deny players, among other things, the right to participate in class actions. While, as noted, this is not an unusual clause in the NDA and Terms of Service, players already involved in a class action lawsuit against Soulbound Studio for its past misconduct are advised not to sign anything of the sort.

After numerous complaints from players and influencers who were (rightly) reluctant to sign a confidentiality agreement in such circumstances, Soulbound has rewritten the confidentiality agreement in an effort to remove all ambiguity and show that [the developers] are serious about the development of Kingdoms of Elyria and [they] want to hear from you when updates are made. In particular, the second amendment explicitly adds a section on negative feedback and non-testing services. While the blog claims this is not a major change, it appears to be, and it is legally unclear what this may mean for people who have already signed up for the previous version. According to Soulbound, thousands of people have downloaded the KOE launcher and hundreds have entered the game so far.

The second part of the Soulbound blog post is about the toxicity of the community, namely the barrage of insults and daily threats of violence that allegedly emanate from a small angry minority. While no specific examples are given, it’s not hard to imagine that there are plenty of angry people in the community who are willing to lose money in lawsuits to vent their anger on the Internet. However, Soulbound says it will start blocking offenders on social media and temporarily suspend the subreddit COE . As I type this, he’s hit the button for the publication request.

Finally, the company says a growing number of people are questioning the availability of in-game rights. Soulbound says it will turn to the NFT system to allow players to sell existing rights to other players with cryptocurrencies.

Since the publication of KoE : In this area, we will provide our supporters with digital ownership certificates for each title in their game inventory, as well as for various virtual items. These certificates can be freely bought, sold and traded on one or more public blockchain networks. This allows players to trade, buy or sell their items for cryptocurrencies (or even fiat currency) in a secure and verifiable way – so there is never an issue of ownership. In due course – at launch or initiation – players who own certificates will be able to hand them over to Soulbound to receive the features described in the certificates. Those who no longer want their titles and items can sell them, those who want to exchange them for a new one can trade, and those who want a title can buy it from another player.

Chronicles of Elyria stunned MMO players in 2020 by announcing it had run out of money, firing the developers, closing Soulbound Studios, and halting development of the game. Although CEO Jeremy Walsh pushed back and said the game was still in production with volunteers, players who had raised more than $14 million through crowdfunding to support it were taking legal action. For 2021, the studio says COE and its spin-off Kingdoms of Elyria are still in production. The lawsuit was filed in February, and just a few weeks ago the plaintiffs were filing motions to dismiss the case in court.

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A couple days ago, Chronicles of Elyria’s  Steam  Builds  of 2018  and  Early Access  Alpha  were updated with a handful of tweaks that can be found in the  Chronicles  of Elyria Wiki. One such change is the addition of a  new  death penalty, or  Death Penalty,  to the game. When this occurs, you no longer die and instead the game will warn you that “You died in the last few seconds” and “Your body will soon be undeathable.”  If  you do not  choose  to  resurrect, then you will remain undeathable until the game’s next restart.  A. Read more about chronicles of elyria news and let us know what you think.

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