So you want a new adventure, eh? Well, the real question is: what kind of adventure do you want? I suggest you pick a game and go for it, but don’t get too caught up in the journey. You can’t change your destination once you get there, so you might as well take some time to appreciate the scenery.

A short while ago, I was invited to play through Cris Tales, a mysterious game that I couldn’t figure out. So in this review, I will explain to you why I believe you should play it.

For a long time I have wanted to write a review on the game “Cris Tales”.  I have wanted to write this review for a couple of reasons, 1. I love this game and it has come very close to completion now. 2. I am currently looking for a group to play it with and will also be using my own group if I don’t get a group together.  I will be playing it as a solo game. 3. I would like to release my game on the app store and will be submitting it. 4. I would like to contact the developer to see if I can get a copy of the secret ending and I would like to get a copy of the game to distribute to our group

Cris Tales, which bills itself as a “indie love letter to classic JRPGs,” arrives at a time when the genre is undergoing a period of contemporary innovation. However, rather of embracing the modernity that other games have, it reverts to the ideals of turn-based JRPG combat, slower-paced grinds, and emotional storylines.

While several of Cris Tales’ more innovative features might normally propel the game to new heights, it relies on a few too many concepts that have been phased out of games for good cause, making it an unappealing slog for some.

Despite these flaws, Cris Tales is a fantastic JRPG for others because to its amazing visual style and a setting that seems like it was created by Double Fine’s brain trust. 

Review of Cris Tales – It’s Time For A New Adventure

It’s a dream come true to play protagonist Crisbell. Her upbeat demeanor and willingness to assist others make her charming and intriguing, and the cast surrounding her is no exception.

Crisbell can control her environment by altering the time space around her as a Time Mage. When a powerful Time Empress threatens the area with a catastrophe, it’s up to this diverse ensemble to rescue the day.

Cris Tales manages to keep things new and interesting by using time travel features to solve puzzles, win battles, and alter the world, while having a well-worn narrative (JRPG or otherwise). These allow for far-reaching changes depending on your choices, and they’re made even more fascinating by the fact that you can often view all three periods of time you’re dealing with at the same time.

The history is on the left, the present is in the center, and the future is on the right. With these glasses, you can see what was and what will be, enabling the difficulty of the riddles to strike exactly right throughout the narrative, among other things. 


Similarly, battle becomes increasingly thought-provoking as you use various ways to control opponents through time. When you get an armored enemy knight wet before sending them into the future, the armor rusts, enabling you to do damage to them.

These battle scenes are entertaining, but the lack of opponent variety means you’ll find yourself running through foes without thinking, reverting to the old-school grinding that many people now despise in JRPGs. 

Furthermore, the fighting mechanisms are rather conventional and unimaginative, with elemental assaults being the most intriguing aspect. Members of the party take turns joining the fight, where you may use your usual arsenal of attacks, defenses, and postures. Apart from using a parry to deflect opponent strikes, it’s a laid-back experience that many will soon tire of.

When you consider that difficulty is often “raised” by just adding additional hit points to the basic set of opponents you’ve previously encountered, you’re left with even more tedious battle scenes. 

On the other hand, time travel makes side missions much more valuable than you’d expect from a typical RPG. Solving issues throughout the area changes the future outcomes for certain places and individuals, allowing for actual change to ripple out of the work you put into accomplishing them, which is where a lot of the fun in an RPG is located.

As your character progresses, they acquire abilities that may be given to your party members to aid in combat, however each skill consists only of odd attacks or healing powers, with the occasional status effect move thrown in for good measure. It’s a bare-bones RPG, but it provides enough flexibility to let you choose how you want to approach battles, even if those encounters remain boring outside of boss bouts. 

Cris Tales is one of the better-looking JRPGs out there in terms of aesthetics. The regions are made even more pleasant by the simple, cartoon graphic style, which radiates charm and pleases the mind, while the vivid sceneries and character designs add to the fun. When it comes to Cris Tales, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to excellent performance and a 50-hour gameplay. 

Review of Cris Tales – The Bottom Line



  • The art style is superior to that of most other games on the market – it’s just stunning.
  • The amount of gameplay available enables gamers to fully immerse themselves in this amazing universe.
  • The physics of time travel are unique and fascinating.


  • The combat is dull and boring.
  • The skill and RPG systems are both kept basic.
  • The enemy kinds are undifferentiated, and the difficulty level rises into bullet-sponge area.

Cris Tales has a fantastic visual style and a diverse array of characters that everyone will like. Cris Tales might have been one of the best games to come out of 2021 if it hadn’t been for the time manipulation mechanisms and the favorite genre.

Unfortunately, a lack of variety in opponent kinds, conventional gameplay, and some dubious difficulty progression overshadow the game’s good points, making Cris Tales seem out of place among its peers. 

[Note: The copy of Cris Tales used for this review was supplied by Modus.]

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