In a move that should make any avid gamer happy, Crowfall developer ArtCraft Entertainment has lowered the cost of its buy-to-play (BTP) version of the game. Not only has the studio lowered its price from $45 to $35, but it has also introduced an optional VIP subscription service. The VIP subscription, which costs $US15/month, provides all the benefits of the BTP version of the game, but also provides you with in-game items.

Crowfall has been a long time coming, and the team has been working hard to bring their unique “live world” MMORPG to life for the past 2 years. The game is finally coming together, and this week the team has added a major new feature to the game: the ability to purchase VIP status.

Crowfall. The MMORPG that’s been in development for three years. The game that’s been said to be influenced by classics like Might & Magic and Dungeons & Dragons. The game that’s been the subject of a ton of controversy and uncertainty since its announcement. The game that has been around for a long time and has a lot of fans that have been waiting for the game for a long time. And now it’s time for the game to get some closure and have the last few seconds of hype dropped in its name.

word-image-6061 Ahead of the July launch of Crowfall , ArtCraft announces a discounted price for the box and reveals the full subscription plan. Crowfall introduces an innovative VIP membership and lowers the price of the base game from $49.99 to $39.99 USD, the studio announced today. All of these changes are part of Crowfall ‘s transition to the live gaming service, which starts on the 6th. July 2021 will begin. This business model, we should note, is no surprise, as it has been planned since the game was originally announced in 2015, but the details are only now being finalized. With your VIP membership, you can store more items in your personal vault and campaign bank, gain more access to the Eternal Realms, and enjoy a number of useful game improvement features and other quality of life benefits. According to the table on the VIP membership page, these include things like Mount Decay and unlimited free respawns, which ArtCraft says are a key benefit for players, though of course the studio plans to incorporate them into the game for gold as well. word-image-6062 The cost of the subscription is pretty basic, starting at $14.99 per month, but you can get it for less than $12 if you pay a year in advance, with various levels in between. Replacement includes cash compensation. Crowfall VIP membership options range from one month to 12 months. The 12-month membership plan includes a subsidy of SEK 18,000 and offers the best value for money, with a 22% discount on the standard monthly rate. All plans include a monthly supply of bonus in-game currency (crowns) and an exclusive monthly item reward. The service will officially launch on July 6, 2021, along with the official launch of the game. Players who activate the VIP membership program in July (before 23:59 CDT on July 31, 2021), or backers who have already purchased VIP services, will receive an exclusive Gryphon Mountain – July VIP membership prize! As a thank you to our supporters, starting today all Crowfall bundles include a free month of VIP membership. More importantly, Backers who have already purchased a package (as of June 8, 2021) will have an additional month of *VIP membership added to their service at launch (including Kickstarter packages). ViewCrowfall just announced a new VIP subscription tier for the game, dubbed Crowfall VIP, which will let players access the game’s closed beta even earlier than Retail, which is slated for Q4 2018. The new subscription also includes a new playable race, the Crow, along with exclusive cosmetic and item rewards. In addition, VIP players also get access to new class data packs, and a new “Adventurer’s Crate” reward system. The Adventurer’s Crate is designed to give players a guaranteed reward for completing repeatable content in the game.. Read more about can i play crowfall now and let us know what you think.

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