Kingdom of Deceit is a new strategy MMO where players are able to create their own kingdom and manage it and its defense. The game features an innovative blockchain-powered economy, one that will allow players to trade all in the open marketplace.

“Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit harks back to the past within” is a game that pays homage to the classic strategy games of yore. Players must build their kingdoms from scratch, using only their wits, cunning, and luck.

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit harks back to the

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit harks back to the Point n' Click Adventure's Illustrious Past

In Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit, you can definitely sense the affection for traditional point-and-click adventures. The regular protagonist is pushed into an increasing mystery scenario, and it’s not simply the brilliantly colorful, hand-painted graphic style. This is a developer that understands how to make an adventure flow in the same manner as Charles Cecil’s legendary Broken Sword series did.

Tag of Joy is a tiny Lithuanian studio that obviously cares about the genre, including the art director of a Broken Sword fan game (Broken Sword 2.5) among its ranks, merely to demonstrate how dedicated it is to bringing part of that enchantment to current gaming.

Its plot should make fans of Broken Sword feel somewhat at ease. Milda is a Chicago lady who gets a letter from her recently dead grandfather’s estate stating that she is now the owner of his Lithuanian property. Milda, on the other hand, has to get in Lithuania as soon as possible to guarantee she receives it. Milda decides it’s worth the risk of going abroad to straighten out the home and sell it since she’s short on cash.

Milda soon realizes she is the lone surviving protector of a long-held family secret, putting her in the middle of a quest to find an uncrowned monarch. She’ll battle evil powers and puzzle her way to the truth along the way.

Crowns and Pawns (which had me thinking it was going to be some type of medieval strategy game before I played the game) takes its time building up the grandiose side of its plot. It sells the concept that Milda is an inadvertent protagonist in a tale that, as it moves across Europe and history, continues opening exciting new narrative doors.

While it mostly follows the standard point-and-click format, it does manage to throw in a few original concepts here and there. Tag of Joy shakes things up by tossing in additional physical and cerebral problems after settling in with some easy discover item A to deliver to issue B for solution C exercises, with a feeling of the situation’s rising complexity matching up rather well with the complexity of the puzzles on offer. With a slower pace, you’ll have more time to think about a solution without feeling rushed.

Is it up to par with the games it’s attempting to imitate? That would be tough without drastically altering the model, which would likely result in a game that is even more off from what it aspires to be. It doesn’t have to be on par with the classics; all that matters is that it’s a solid contemporary point-and-click adventure that pays homage to them.

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The “Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit harks back to the” is a game that was originally released in 1996. The game is now available for free download. Reference: endling free download.

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