Crusader Kings III is a grand strategy game from Paradox. Games based on this franchise tend to be a little bit easier to win than other Paradox titles, but a lot harder to actually win. Crusader Kings II’s expansion, The Republic, was a disappointment, but the prequel didn’t suffer from that issue. I’ve been playing the first game, Crusader Kings I, for a while now, and I think I know what to expect from the sequel.

Crusader Kings 3 is the latest installment of the popular strategy series from Paradox Interactive. The developer released a very elaborate official Coat of Arms Designer for the game, designed by the very talented artist, Guillaume Rambourg.

Earlier this month, I was finally able to play Crusader Kings 3 at its launch event. For those that don’t know, CK3 is the grand dame of turn based strategy games, set in Medieval Europe. It lets you play as the head of a great land, made up of various regions, each with their own unique personalities. You have to juggle between your friends, enemies, vassals, and other factions, as well as your own personal agenda, which makes for a deep and complex game.

Crusader Kings 3 Getting a Coat of Arms Designer in Patch 1.5

Crusader Kings 3 Patch 1.5 will add a coat of arms designer to the grand strategy game, allowing players to create their realm’s insignia.

CK3’s coat of arms designer will debut with choices to start designing one from scratch or modify an existing coat of arms, as detailed in today’s dev diary 71. The former provides the greatest flexibility, while changing a historical coat of arms is likely faster but has a number of drawbacks.

Crusader Kings 3 Getting a Coat of Arms Designer in Patch 1.5

Crusader Kings 3 Getting a Coat of Arms Designer in Patch 1.5

“The reason adjusted mode is distinct is because certain historical coats of arms are built up of a number of emblems in an arrangement that, although beautiful in game, is quite cursed if you try to view the entire layout and backdrop use,” the developer adds.

The coat of arms designer in CK3 is divided into three panels, the first of which allows you to choose from a variety of backdrop patterns and color your heraldic using either pre-defined options or a color picker. You won’t be able to alter the background pattern of a coat of arms while changing it.

The coat designer’s layouts panel will not work in adjusted mode because it “dictates the total quantity and placement of the emblems in your coat of arms.”

Finally, the emblem panel provides access to over a thousand emblem textures, which you may customize to your liking. You’ll be able to add numerous emblems to your coat of arms, and the interface is set up such that bulk editing is simple.

“We also have a comprehensive edit mode that allows you to fine-tune the precise locations, size, and rotation of all your emblems, as well as change the layer they’re on and add and delete them to your heart’s delight!”

Cadet branches may choose to have their coat of arms quartering removed, and undo/redo options allow gradual modifications.

You’ll be able to see a preview of your coat of arms as you modify it, and you’ll be able to share it with other players after you’ve determined it’s finished.

Patch 1.5 for Crusader Kings 3 does not yet have a release date, but it will be released with the Royal Court expansion, which is anticipated to be released before the end of 2021.

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