Apparently, one of the last issues EA’s “DC Universe Online” had was the source of the marks in the endgame of episode 41. According to our sources, the issue is EA’s own fault: whenever a new episode is released, the marks in the endgame will get updated to the new episode.

The DC Universe Online’s recent update to fix the source marks on episode 41 has left some fans disappointed. Given this year’s update, the marks are likely to become a thing of the past. Some players have reported that the latest DCUO update has removed the source marks not only from the main story, but from side quests, too. While this is a problematic issue that will need to be resolved, thankfully a solution has been found. The latest DCUO update is likely to fix episode 41’s source marks problem, and it’s a fairly simple fix.

DC Universe Online is slowly improving its interface with the most recent update to the game. The update, which went live on May 20, brought with it many changes. One of the more notable ones is the addition of a new achievement system.


As the poll results for DC Universe Online continue to come in, Daybreak and Dimensional Ink are moving on with their development plans, as detailed in the most recent dev blog. Notably, the crew is already hard at work improving episode 41 based on player input.

Separate from battle rating, the studio claims it wants to restore and enhance source marks to endgame material (particularly, the most recent episodes) and Omnibus missions; sort out content outliers and content rewards per time spent; and rebalance stat scaling. To the delight of the gamers in the comments, Senior Producer Landon “Panderus” Falls addresses source marks first and foremost.

“Source Marks are the lifeblood of the leveling game and a critical need towards the conclusion. We don’t want end-game players to feel obligated to play Omnibus for Source Marks; instead, we want you to be able to play Omnibus, as well as all of our other content, for full rewards IF you want to. Next, we’ll reintroduce Source Marks to end-game content (the last three episodes) at the standard rate: Solo – 1, Duo – 1, Alert – 3, Raid – 10, [and] without Combat Rating Relevancy (get Source Marks regardless of your CR in all three episodes, if eligible). This is currently being worked on by the Systems team. We think that this adjustment may lessen the degree of the dissatisfaction many of you have experienced with the system as a whole.”

We’ve been watching Episode 41: #HouseOfLegends for a week now. Please read Senior Producer Landon “Panderus” Falls’ update on what’s changing and what’s coming up. Update:

September 2, 2021 — DCUO (@DCUO)


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