“The biggest thing I’ve ever done.” That’s how Gary Richards, CEO of Epic Games and Deep Rock Galactic developer, described the now-finished second season. Season 2 had a new story arc for players to experience as well as plenty of additions that made gameplay more enjoyable than before.

The “deep rock galactic season 2 release date” is a game that has been released. The game will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 14th.

Deep Rock Galactic: Season 2 Overview

Deep Rock Galactic has proved to be one of the most engaging and entertaining shooters available. It’s no surprise that the game is currently in Season 2 and performing better than ever, with thrilling gameplay, a vast diversity of adversaries, and hundreds of various weapon upgrades.

With the release of the second season, Rival Escalation, we now have access to previously unreleased material! There are four completely new secondary weapons, as well as new opponent kinds and a new Passport to Excellence! To help you keep up with all of the new material, we’ve put up a guide that covers all of the game’s key new features.

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Overview of Season 2

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get right into this article for Deep Rock Galactic: Overview of Season 2.

New Enemy & New Warning

Screenshot-2022-05-12-211524-1024x683 New Enemy in DRG Season 2 Coffee Stain Publishing/Ghost Ship Games through HGG

Season 2 builds on the introduction of a competing group in Season 1 by introducing a completely new opponent to face while exploring Hoxxes IV’s tunnels. In addition, a new task variable known as “Rival Presence” has been added to increase the complexity of your mining assignments.

A Nemesis, a gigantic, lumbering robot with orange lights and razor-sharp claws, is the new opponent! It’s a brand-new sort of mini-boss with a lot of health. Its most lethal weapon is a pair of claw-like grabbers that it employs to reach out and capture unwary dwarves, much like Cave Leeches.

This opponent may be found in the new “Rival Presence” modifier. This increases the number of hostile robots in the caverns you visit. Sniper turrets that can target you from large distances and repulsor turrets that fire out waves of energy all around them are becoming commonplace in caves. A swarm of robots using razer edges to deliver melee damage to you is also available.

Rival Signal is a new event.

Screenshot-2022-05-12-211607-1024x683 Rival Signal Coffee Stain Publishing/Ghost Ship Games through HGG

A whole new event has been added to the game, in addition to the great new adversary! Events may occur at any time throughout a mission and require you to complete a range of activities in order to get rewards. Rival Signal is a completely new event that will appear at random throughout Hoxxes IV.

The event itself needs you to locate an enemy Communications Router and disable it so that it can no longer transmit. Before the countdown runs out, you must hack into the gadget while fighting off foes, or the event will fail.

You’ll be granted a Data Cell after you’ve completed the task. This is a one-of-a-kind object that may be placed like any other mineral in the MULE. After completing the quest, you will be awarded with credits, XP, and 1,250 points toward this season’s Passport to Excellence!

There are four new weapons.

20220511195224_1-1024x683 New Weapons in Deep Rock Galactic Coffee Stain Publishing/Ghost Ship Games through HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The fresh new guns are one of my personal favorite new additions with the debut of Season 2: Rival Escalation! There are a total of four completely new weapons, one for each of the four classes. All of them are secondary weapons. When combined with the game’s already existing weaponry, Deep Rock Galactic now has a total of 24 weapons!

Read our Season 2 Weapons guide for a complete list of all the new weaponry introduced to the game, as well as some of their greatest customizations.

They are all included here if you simply want a quick overview:

  • Nishanka Boltshark X-80: A modern crossbow that can fire a variety of bullet types. Bolts that turn foes against each other include electric bolts, chemical explosive bolts, and pheromone bolts. It’s from the Scout group.
  • Colette Wave Cooker: This weapon, which is described as a “Submachine Gun,” can cook bugs from the inside out. It has a good range and accuracy. It may be tweaked to do extra damage to enemies hit by flame, ice, or corrosive damage. This character belongs to the Driller class.
  • Shard Diffractor: A hefty weapon that fires a laser beam at foes using a little piece of an Ommoran Heartstone. It’s a member of the Engineer class.
  • Armskore Coil Gun: A heavy-duty railgun pistol with the ability to charge up and do immense damage to foes. Some surfaces may be priced through. This character belongs to the Gunner class.

Passport to Excellence

20220509214002_1-1024x683 Passport to Excellence Coffee Stain Publishing/Ghost Ship Games through HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

And last but certainly not least in our overview for Deep Rock Galactic Season 2, let’s take a look at this season’s Passport to Excellence! Just like last season, we now have access to a brand new collection of cosmetic items. These cosmetics range from weapon models to new bears, to end-game emotions, and everything in-between!

In addition to the cosmetic items available, there are also several in-game currencies you can collect from leveling up your Passport to Excellence.

Credits and minerals are used to upgrade your firearms. You’ll earn Scrip, a company-sponsored cash that you may spend on the cosmetic tree, as you level up your pass. This is where you may find some very unique cosmetic things.

In order to get started on leveling up your Passport to Excellence and collecting some scrip, you’ll want to be completing challenges. There are several different types of challenges available for you to do. Some challenges require you to finish a certain number of missions in a specific biome. In another one, you’ll have to complete missions with the Rival Presence modifier active.

Participate in The High Ground!

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