Destiny 2 is inching closer to launch, yet the list of returning weapons and returning perks for the game’s Iron Banner mode is not as clear as many might hope. More information has been revealed about the new Crucible mode, but very few details about the returning guns or perks have been released.

The Destiny 2 community is in a tiff after Bungie revealed the first details on the new exotic weapons and Iron Banner challenges in the upcoming sequel. Several exotic weapons and armor sets were leaked ahead of Bungie’s big reveal, and Destiny fans were quite excited about these new weaponry. Bungie didn’t disappoint, by providing new information on the new Iron Banner challenges and the return of the four exotic weapons that were available during the original Destiny.

During the Destiny 2 reveal, Bungie outlined a number of returning weapons and armor sets that were available in the original, and hinted at the addition of a new Iron Banner PvP mode. Fans were excited to see what was returning, but were more interested in what the game’s datamining community could find out about the game’s new content. With the game’s beta still a ways away, the information is still very limited, but it seems that the new Iron Banner PvP mode won’t be released until after the beta period.

This past Friday has seen another newsletter from Destiny 2 hit the internet, and it’s primarily about things coming back. Most notably, a variety of weapons from the Moon and the Dreaming City are all making their return to the game with an update due to arrive on Tuesday, July 6th, with several of them bringing some new perks that can be rolled when they’re found. In the meantime, tomorrow begins yet another Iron Banner, which will run until July 6th, with at least one more Iron Banner planned for this season.

In other Destiny 2 news, one of the game’s community managers accidentally stirred up a little fire among players thanks to an emblem. In summary, images of a new emblem started floating around Twitter, and after community manager Dylan “dmg04” Gafner reached out to one such user about how he got the emblem, he later put out a tweet that warned against buying the emblem from codesellers due to the emblem being meant as a free gift for Bungie Day while beseeching dataminers to “please stop spoiling content whether it be story or emblem codes.” However, the emblem in question was never actually datamined to begin with.

This ticked off a small Twitter-based war of words between Bungie devs, some of the game’s more well-known dataminers, and players chiming in support for either side of the camp. The furor appears to have cooled off since, but for at least a few hours, the ramen was indeed quite spicy.

AdvertisementDestiny 2 is shaping up to be a huge game, and the weapons and armor in the game are no different. We’ve seen several weapons and armor from the game leak online and, in some cases, be canon in the game. But even though these newly seen weapons and armor are in the game, there are still plenty of questions surrounding them. For instance, some of these items are labeled as “coming with the Forsaken DLC.” Is that really the case? Is there a chance that these weapons are still coming out at a later date?. Read more about destiny 2 iron banner season 14 and let us know what you think.

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