The Elden Ring Boc the Seamster Questline is one of a series of quests in the MMO game, Elder Scrolls Online. This article will go through all the major events that occur during this questline.

The “elden ring boc the seamster location” is the questline that allows players to find and kill Boc in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Boc the Seamster Questline

Few characters in Elden Ring are as modest as Boc the Seamster. This tiny misbegotten is one of the game’s easiest to overlook characters. Starting his quest and then continuing the game might lead to you losing out on his journey very rapidly. Fortunately, he’s not the most interesting figure to follow. However, certain awards are exclusively available through him. So, let’s see what you can get out of the Boc the Seamster questline as a player!

How to Finish the Questline of Boc the Seamster

erbocsecondloc-640x360How to Finish the Questline of Boc the Seamster

Boc the Seamster starts north of Agheel Lake in central Limgrave. He is momentarily east of the area’s telescope if you discover it. The Misbegotten is a brown tree whose position is noted on the map below with the number “1.” Simply roll into it to release him, then converse with him until he hands out mushrooms. Continue speaking until he mentions you receiving a more equitable payment.

erbocmap-640x360Boc Locations Lower Limgrave Elden Ring

Coastal Cavern

Boc will then go to the place marked “2” on the map above. He’ll be discovered lying on the ground at the Site of Grace, pleading with you not to enter the cave. The cave is crawling with Misbegotten who are all eager to lynch you. You’ll be a better fighter than Boc, thankfully! Use the corridors to draw the animals into dangerous circumstances, then kill them.

Your first two-boss confrontation is at the end of the dungeon! It’s a battle between two misguided chieftains. Attract the attention of the first person on the left and entice him back to the door. You’ll be able to eliminate him before facing the second one in the rear corner.

Tailoring Tools, a Sewing Needle, and several runes will be dropped by the Chieftains. Make your way to the Church of Dragon Communion place of grace via the rear of the dungeon!

Return to Boc after that. He’s a tailor, and he’ll be grateful for the tools you’ve discovered for him. But he’s in too poor of condition to assist you right now.

You may change armor using the Tailoring Tools at any Site of Grace. The cape will be removed, the armor’s stats will be reduced, and your aesthetics will be altered. This is a good small modification if you don’t like the armor’s cape. You haven’t discovered adaptable armor if you can’t modify your armor.

Tailoring your armor costs 500 runes. It may seem to be a large sum early on, but it becomes insignificant later on.

Boc After Coastal Cavern

The tailor’s next appearance will be around 3a, at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. This is the Grace, which may be reached by slaying Godrick or traveling around the side of Stormwind Castle.

He’ll be able to modify your clothes now. This works in the same way as performing it yourself, but Boc does not charge you any runes.

erbocmap1-640x360Boc Locations Part 2 Elden Ring

Boc will appear at many spots during the remainder of your journey. He’ll be seen at:

  • Once you’ve completed the Academy, go to the East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace. You may need to visit the Site of Grace many times before he appears.
  • Once you’ve come near to Leyndell, visit the Atlus Highway Junction Site of Grace.
  • Once you’ve made it past the capital, proceed to the East Capital Ramparts Site of Grace.

These stages are entirely optional, although Boc will remain in the East Capital until either his questline is finished or you outrun it.

The Sewing Needle in Gold

ergoldsewing-640x360Elden Ring Gold Sewing Needle

Now, Boc needs a new item: The Sewing Needle in Gold. This is a special item found in the Church of Vows, located in Eastern Liurnia of the Lakes. You can get this as soon as you enter Liurnia, as the eastern side of the valley is easily accessible.

This may be given to Boc at any point throughout his journey. He’ll be ecstatic, but there’s one more thing you’ll need: a Legendary Armor!

Legendary armor is available from Finger Reader Enia in exchange for Runes. You must get armor that is both alterable and demigod-like. This was done using Radahn’s armor set, but most other armors with a cape should work as well.

Have a dialogue with Boc. He will express his desire to be reborn. Here you have two choices.

  1. You may use a Larval Tear on him. Rennala can resurrect you using this item. He’ll eagerly accept it and go to Rennala’s apartments.
  2. The Prattling Pate “You’re Beautiful” may be used.

If you wait too long and do not take one of these steps, he may end up killing himself.

“You’re Beautiful,” says Prattling Pate.

erprattlingbeautiful-640x360Elden Ring You're Beautiful

The “You’re Beautiful,” says Prattling Pate. is a usable, non-consumable item in Elden Ring. You can find it in Hermit Village at Mt. Gelmir. In order to get there, you’ll have to loop around from the bottom of Atlus Plateau, move northeast into Mt. Gelmir, and circle around the map; past Fort Laiedd, past the Hermit’s Shack and Craftsman’s Shake, all the way up to the village. Near here is where you can obtain Comet Azur.

The Prattling Pate is on the side of the next structure, close to the Southernmost House.

To continue the questline, use this item next to Boc.

Boc’s Quest Is Over

Head to Rennala’s Site of Grace after giving Boc the Larval Tear. You should notice a fresh human being nearby! I’m dressed like Boc! He seems to be unresponsive, unfortunately. And he will die when you return to the campfire. When he dies, he leaves nothing behind.

If you utilize the Prattling Pate, you may immediately chat to Boc about it. He’ll be overjoyed that you think he’s attractive and will continue to offer his services to you. He’ll be at the East Capital Rampart Gate Site of Grace from now on, and he’ll be able to free-up your stuff. This serves no use other than to save you a few runes.

Alternatively, if you rush towards handing Boc the Golden Needle, he may end up going to Rennala and dying. If you don’t have the Larval Tear or “You’re Beautiful!” before talking to him after the Golden Needle, you’ll be shut out of the conclusion of his questline.

Boc’s questline isn’t really interesting, but it features some amusing writing and a nice character. If you want, go after him!

The “boc disappeared elden ring” is a questline in the game Elden Ring. The player must find and kill the Seamster, who has kidnapped Boc.

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