Elden Ring White Mask is a game developed by N-Fusion Interactive, available for Android and iOS. The story begins with the player awakening on an unfamiliar island in search of their lost memories. As they explore different regions, they gradually reclaim pieces of their past while uncovering more mysteries about themselves and this mysterious world around them.

The “how to get white mask after killing mohg” is a guide for the Elden Ring game. The Elden Ring White Mask can be found in the game’s first area, and it will help you complete the quest.

Elden Ring White Mask | How to Get – Guide Fall

In Elden Ring, there is an apparently harmless helm that resonates with specific player builds. It’s the White Mask, a highly sought-after artifact among those who use Blood Loss techniques. When Blood Loss is inflicted on an adversary within a specific range of your position, this helm offers a healthy 10% increase to attack for twenty seconds. We’ll advise you where to look for this elusive hat.

Elden Ring: How to Get the White Mask

white-mask-varre-640x360White Mask Varre

The White Mask is tough to get in Elden Ring since it is dependent on an enemy drop. We’ll get to it shortly. To begin, you must first locate the place where these monsters originate.

First and foremost, you’ll need to get admission to Mohgwyn Palace. Varre’s questline may be completed to get the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, which will transfer you immediately to the Palace. You may also travel here by passing through a gate in the Consecrated Snowfield, but this will require you to locate both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion.

This is really necessary before we go any farther. Do not beat Mohg if you have not yet discovered the White Mask. After defeating Mohg, you will be unable to face the Nameless White Mask Invaders, who are necessary to get this equipment.

Make your way to the area covered with what seems to be blood as you enter the Mohgwyn Palace. There will be multiple Nameless White Mask foes here, and defeating them is essential not just for obtaining the headpiece, but also for obtaining the full War Surgeon Set if you want to complete your collection. One of them will drop the White Mask if they are defeated. Claim it, and you’ll get a boost to your attack for being near foes suffering from Blood Loss.

If you’ve also managed to locate the Lord of Blood’s Exultation Talisman, you’ve got yourself a fearsome collection of weapons. When you’re near someone who has Blood Loss, this Talisman gives you a 20% attack boost for 20 seconds. It’s crucial to note that this stacks with the White Mask effect, giving you a 30 percent boost damage for 20 seconds if you have both items equipped.

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The “white mask npc elden ring” is an item in the game Elden Ring which can be obtained by completing a quest. The item will make you look like a white-masked character.

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