Elex is a sci-fi game set in an alternate future where humanity has lost control of the Earth and now faces extinction. The world is full of humans both good and bad, with some factions still fighting for survival while others are just struggling to make it day to day.

The “elex 2 character creation” is a game that has been in development for quite some time. It’s an edgy, bug-ridden sci-fi fantasy with a story that will keep you coming back for more.

Elex 2 Review: An Edgy, Bug-Ridden Sci-Fi Fantasy

Piranha Bytes’ Elex 2 is ambitious and sometimes amusing in a strange manner. It does a lot of things well, and it blends genre elements into an intriguing, captivating environment. You may use toilet brushes to battle aliens or jetpacks to flee from ogres. 

It’s difficult to deny that Elex 2 will appeal to fans of the original or those searching for a new take on RPGs from the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, it often gets in its own way, allowing a slew of flaws to obscure what might be a fantastic game with a little more polish.

Elex 2 is a tense, bug-infested sci-fi fantasy.

Elex 2 continues the narrative of Elex, adding to the mythology and plot of the first game in several interesting ways. It is set on a remote world where many human tribes are fighting for survival and must put their differences aside in order to unify against an extraterrestrial menace. Without giving anything away, you do so with a key character from the previous game, providing new strands that make it even more necessary to play Elex first. 

The setting is a mix of science fiction and fantasy that works nicely for the most part. Ogres and space dogs may be defeated with shotguns, swords, alien weapons, and magic. Murder in the manner of Mad Max and emotion-deadening cyber cults are both present. And the universe itself is written in a really dark and edgy manner. The combination of these narrative and setting components is the most engrossing feature of Elex 2. Though Grimdark isn’t generally my preference, the mixing of these story and setting elements is the most enthralling aspect of Elex 2.

The audio presentation, on the other hand, is a mixed bag. The VO performances are excellent and fitting for the grim setting, however the sound design as a whole swings from decent to unpleasant. Some sound effects, such as the jet packs of your companion characters or the shriek of a particular spider adversary, are gratingly loud and repeated.

Caja from Elex 2.

The PlayStation’s graphics quality also leaves much to be desired. Although it firmly establishes itself in the “Just OK” zone, there is much more outstanding work to be found on the PS4 practically anyplace. The draw distance is unexpectedly small, clipping abounds, and tilting the camera causes walls to vanish. That’s not to mention the several lighting bugs, one of which causes inside lights to flicker on and off at random.

The art style is similarly average; some things work, while others don’t. There’s a visual dissonance between modern technology and medieval weapons because of the film’s genre-blending nature. While the majority of the weapon and environment design is pleasant, the armor choices, for example, are out of place and goofy, detracting from the world’s other immersive features.

Elex 2’s gameplay is reminiscent to PB’s popular Gothic series, as well as Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series. There are some fantastic RPG features here, with plenty of room for customization, and there are many factions to choose from, each with its own set of powers, armor, weapons, and more. Based on your gaming decisions, there’s even a good/evil alignment system. It lays the foundation for something genuinely pleasurable to come.

Repetition and a lack of balance are the issues. Elex 2 is punishingly tough at first and then as simple as it gets later on, with excessively repetitive fighting systems that seem like simplified copies of earlier games.

You have a dodge button, parry capabilities, and light and heavy strikes, much as in many other third-person action RPGs. You also have a variety of weaponry, including some that can be used from a distance. When battle devolves into spamming, no amount of varied weapons or spells can make it seem thrilling. It also doesn’t help that latching on to foes is a pain, and NPC pathing is a mess. 

Review of Elex 2 – The Bottom Line

Jax from Elex 2 looking at the entrance of a dungeon.


  • A rich, fascinating universe that successfully mixes science fiction and fantasy.
  • Reminds me of old-school PC RPGs.
  • If you don’t mind the “edginess,” this is a good novel to read.


  • There are so many issues that playing the game seems like a war in and of itself.
  • In the graphics and acoustic aspects, there is a serious lack of polish.
  • Combat that is repeated.

Elex 2 works against itself at practically every step, despite its beautiful setting, intriguing tale, and execution of old-school RPG systems. Due of its complete lack of polish. There have been some updates since the game’s release that fix some of the flaws, but I had enough of them during my time with it to not want to return. One of the soul-destroying issues I found was random auto-save sticking. 

Elex 2 will undoubtedly appeal to a segment of gamers eager to relive the enchantment of classic RPGs from the 1990s and 2000s. Despite the fact that it was a grind to play throughout my review time, I was fascinated by the benefits that surrounded the game’s game-breaking barriers. Unfortunately, Elex 2’s more annoying parts overwhelm the gold it brings to the table with its plot and environment.

[Note: The copy of Elex 2 used for this review was given by Piranha Bytes.]

The “elex 2 wiki” is a review of the game, “Elex”. The review contains a lot of spoilers so be warned.

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