The Elder Scrolls Online is a new MMO set in the world of Tamriel created by Bethesda Game Studios. The game features an open-world environment that allows players to go on adventures, explore vast landscapes, and engage with hundreds of other players from around the globe.

This guide is intended to help players who are just starting out in the Elder Scrolls Online. It includes a list of quests that can be completed with no prior knowledge of the game, which will allow you to quickly get started on your journey.

ESO: Undaunted Beginner Guide (2022)

When you first start off in The Elder Scrolls Online, entering dungeons might be intimidating, but we’re here to assist. The Undaunted Guild in The Elder Scrolls Online is for individuals who have no fear of beasts or blades. Being a member of the Undaunted has several benefits and is an important component of the game.

It’s simple to join, since you just need to be level 45 to begin. Although you may explore dungeons before reaching level 45, you will not get any prizes unless you join their guild. You’ll gain keys for finishing Undaunted tasks in addition to the prestige of being a member of the Undaunted. Keys may be exchanged for coffers, which unlock monster set shoulder pieces.

9-Undaunted-Camp-1024x567 9-Undaunted-Camp-1024x567 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

The First Steps

You may start dungeons from level 10 and work your way up. You won’t be able to join the Undaunted as a full member until you reach level 45, at which point you’ll be able to take tasks. “One of the Undaunted” is the first quest, and it will be available to begin at your alliance’s main city from the following Giver of questss:

Alliance Zone City Building Giver of quests Dungeon
Dominion of Aldmeri Auridon Guard of Vulkhel Tavern with Salted Wings Redclaws of Turuk The Banished Cells 1 is the first installment of the Banished Cells series.
Covenant of Daggerfall Glenumbra Daggerfall The Rose-Colored Lion Mordra, the Mighty 1st Spindleclutch
Pact of Ebonheart Stonefalls Watches of Davon The Smell of Fish The Axe of Kailstig 1st Fungal Grotto

Once you go and conquer the dungeon they set you off to beat, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful initiation song and you’ll gain the Undaunted skill line. You can technically start with any of them, no matter your alliance, so going with The Axe of Kailstig’s Fungal Grotto will be the quickest one to get through. Dungeon quests after this initial quest will be handed out at the Undaunted Enclaves in: Eldenroot, Grahtwood (AD), Wayrest, Stormhaven (DC), and Deshaan, Mournhold (EP).

Levels of the Undaunted Skill Line

9-Undaunted-Skills-1024x1024 9-Undaunted-Skills-1024x1024 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

The Undaunted skill path has some very incredible abilities. The passive abilities you obtain will benefit any character, and some of the talents are quite strong. When you trigger a synergy, the Undaunted Command passive restores 4% of your maximum health, stamina, and magicka. For each style of armor you wear, the Undaunted Mettle passive boosts your maximum health, stamina, and magicka by 2%. (light, medium, or heavy). 

In most cases, these fearless abilities are seen as BIS. Inner Fire gives tanks the ability to taunt adversaries from afar. Energy Orb is a strong AOE heal for healers. Mystic Orb is a potent AOE damaging spell for Magicka DPS. Unfortunately, Stamina DPS don’t have a lot of excellent skill alternatives. 


Every day, you’ll be able to accept and finish three distinct indomitable tasks. If you complete the pledges on normal difficulty, you’ll get one key; if you complete them on veteran level with hard mode enabled, you’ll receive two keys. Non-dlc dungeon pledges will be given out by Maj Al-Ragath and Glirion Red the Beard to all players. Urgalarg Chief-Bane only gives out dlc dungeon pledges, which means that if you don’t have the matching DLC purchased or unlocked using ESO+, you’ll only receive 2-4 keys.

When you queue for a random normal or veteran dungeon, you will almost always be assigned to one of the daily pledges, although this is not always the case. You’ll receive the same experience boost whether you play a regular or veteran daily dungeon, so don’t feel like veteran is the only way to go. 

9-Undaunted-Maj-1024x591 9-Undaunted-Maj-1024x591 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

Individuals frequently claim that just fulfilling these pledges with guild members or friends avoids a lot of the riff-raff of people playing as phony characters or not dealing enough damage, but one of my favorite aspects of the game is playing with random people in the community.

You’ll sometimes come into folks who don’t care about what the rest of the group wants (for example, speed runners who don’t check in with the group to see whether anybody needs to finish the quest), but you can always toss them out or quit the group. I’ve met a lot of folks in dungeons that play their part, and I’ve even added a handful of them to my friends list so we can play together again. 


You can exchange keys with any of the Giver of questss, receiving monster set shoulder armor of the kind the Giver of quests offers. 1 key will get you the mystery coffer, giving you random shoulder armor from one of the dungeons that the pledge-giver gives you a quest for. The shoulder pieces are also always randomized in terms of armor style and trait, so you have a chance to get either light, medium, or heavy with any trait (other than nirnhoned). You can pay more with 5 keys to narrow down the type of shoulder piece you’ll get to two dungeons, but you still might get the wrong armor style and trait.

9-Undaunted-Red-Keys-1024x573 9-Undaunted-Red-Keys-1024x573 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

Personally, I recommend acquiring the random coffers after you reach CP160 so that you may keep whatever piece you receive without having to level it up, and you’ll be able to fill up your sticker book much quicker and transmute stuff for a lower price. Transmutation crystals (which may be obtained by completing a random daily dungeon or other defined activities) can be used to change or recreate objects for people who haven’t yet transmuted them. You’ll need a transmutation station, which can be found in the Clockwork City (DLC) or obtained from a friend or guild member who has purchased one for their home. 

Dungeon Equipment

Some of the best gear in the game can be found only in dungeons. Dungeon Equipment is only tradeable for 2 hours once you receive it, and it will only be tradeable with the people you ran that dungeon with. If you are farming for a specific set, calling it out at the start of the dungeon will be your best bet. “LF Medusa” means you are “looking for the Medusa set” and doing this can sometimes net you that highly coveted Medusa Inferno Staff if your teammates are feeling particularly generous and happen to get the drop.

9-Undaunted-Loot-1024x492 9-Undaunted-Loot-1024x492 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

With the release of Update 32, you may now acquire every single drop from a dungeon if you run it long enough, and RNG is no longer an issue (random number generated chance). You may not acquire the stuff you want the first time, but by exchanging items with your group members, you can speed up the process considerably. Here’s where you can acquire each of the many types of set pieces:

  • Set Armor (Mobs do not guarantee these drops, but it’s worth checking since you can get lucky and obtain a piece when you least expect it)
  • Set Armor, Jewelry, or Weapons in the Treasure Chest (Higher rarity chests will be more likely to get you jewelry or weapons)
  • Set Jewelry or Weapon AND Monster Set Helmet for the last boss (Heavy, Medium, or Light)

Wait Times and Dungeon Etiquette

The majority of people queue for dungeons are DPS, resulting in a substantially longer wait time. Because healers and tanks aren’t used as often as other classes, they have incredibly short wait times. When I play my tank, for example, I’ll start a random dungeon queue and almost always receive the readiness check screen. I typically have to wait a little longer for healers, roughly 1-5 minutes more than a tank would wait. If there are a lot of other DPS waiting to enter dungeons before you, you’ll have to wait anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes as a DPS.

9-Undaunted-Queue-1024x748 9-Undaunted-Queue-1024x748 Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

One of the main reasons you’ll see so many phony tanks and healers is because DPS have grown tired of waiting. Of course, this isn’t fair to the other DPS who are patiently waiting in line, so if you’re thinking of faking a role, at the very least slot one taunt or one heal, and do so only in dungeons where the role requirements aren’t as stringent.

You’ll also need a lot of DPS to compensate for the absence of a tank/healer position, or your group may complain and toss you out. In a self-made group, none of this matters, and you may act anyway you like, but with random individuals, there’s usually a code to uphold in the position you’ve been assigned.

Be a part of the High Ground

Consider joining the Undaunted and the High Ground at the same time if you have no fear of Daedric worlds. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on ESO and your other favorite games.

The “eso undaunted quests” is a guide that will help you get started in the Elder Scrolls Online. The guide includes quest walkthroughs and other helpful tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level should I start Undaunted eso?

A: You should start playing on level 3. This way, you wont really be overwhelmed by the game and it will seem easier at first instead of trying to learn everything that is needed quickly before you get killed.

How do you start Undaunted in eso?

A: You must find the leader and ask for admittance into their guild.

Can you solo Undaunted pledges?

A: I am able to solo the Undaunted pledges but you will still need a friend for your 4th and 5th pledge.
I am also not sure if my answer is accurate because their website currently says that they are no longer accepting new players.

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