Over the past year, there has been a lot of news about EVE Online, the massively multiplayer sci-fi MMO. EVE Online, which has been in orbit since 2003, has been in the spotlight recently because of a CCP staff shakeup that led to the departure of a senior executive, and the restructuring of team positions and resources.

EVE Online’s developers have been busy this year, adding a ton of exciting new features, including mobile observatories and a brand new CSM election.  EVE Online’s mobile observatory initiative is a part of the Lab’s plans to make EVE Online more accessible to a wider audience.  The ability to observe the action of EVE Online on your phone will open the game up to huge numbers of players who have never tried EVE Online before, as well as giving existing EVE players and fans of deep space exploration a chance to discover EVE on the go.

This week saw the release of a new feature in EVE Online that may be of interest to some: mobile observatories. Mobile observatories are basically mobile in-game research outposts and are designed to allow players to remote-research resources, in particular minerals, while on the move.

word-image-4716 The events will take place in EVE Online. To be fair, EVE Onlineis still in flux, but there is also something specifically new, starting with the introduction of mobile observatories into the game itself. These new builds, as mentioned, are designed to directly combat lowsec and nullsec invasions, particularly AFK cloaking, as active cloaking players will initially get an upgrade against spotter pings. EVE News from the Community : The voting for WSC 16 is open. This allows fans to nominate player representatives to work with CCP Games on future updates. All Omega clones with an account in existence for at least 60 days are allowed to vote, and the game is even offering free gifts as part of the Daily Democracy event, which runs from today until tomorrow. The month of June will take place. Speaking of in-game events (or events that take place specifically in-game), several new stargates are now open. Finally, in EVE Echoes news: the exploration update launched last Friday after a slight delay. With the new update, players can scan the space of Nihilus and dive into the depths for epic rewards, or use the scanning technology to find more capsulators.

. ViewNew mobile observatories are being added to Eve Online’s mobile client. They’re completely optional, and don’t consume any EVE client resources at all. They can be found under the “Observatories” tab in the web client, and are supposed to serve as a means of players going even further into the galaxy.. Read more about eve online csm results and let us know what you think.

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