The July economic report for EVE Online may have revealed that the number of active subscribers in the game has fallen to a new low. With this in mind, it is unclear how CCP will be able to continue operating without making drastic changes to their business model.

The eve online player count is a number of active players in EVE Online. This number was revealed in the July economic report by CCP Games.


EVE Online has released its monthly economic report for July, which contains enough to pique the Capsuleer’s curiosity, but one portion of the report in particular may have shed insight on how many users the online spaceship sandbox has.

The graph in question is the ISK Sinks and Faucets portion, which now includes a new category for redeemed ISK tokens. Readers may remember that these are the free ISK subscriptions obtained as a result of “The Grand Heist” login event, which ruffled some feathers in the community. Angry Mustache, a Redditor, has taken that recorded number — 9.4 trillion ISK — and compiled some data-backed estimations of how many Omega clones are in-game, estimating a minimum of 63,000 active subscribers, but it might go as high as 100K to 150K “factoring in laziness.”

Why did you make such a wide estimate? Angry Mustache does note out that there is a lot of variation in these numbers due to things like not knowing how many Omega accounts checked in to get the entire motherlode of ISK that was being given during the event, or how many tokens were gathered but not redeemed. However, he believes that by combining the amount of redeemed tokens in July and August and performing some fast arithmetic, these numbers will be closer to correct once the August MER comes.


The eve online forums is a forum that discusses the game EVE Online. In their July economic report, they have revealed the number of active subscribers.

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