EverQuest II is celebrating its 15th birthday with new content, including a party-themed event called Brewday. Players will be able to craft their own beverages from various recipes and ingredients in this limited time event that runs through the end of June—and if you’re one of those players who have been around since day one, there are plenty more chances for celebration on our anniversary throughout the year!

EverQuest II invites you to join the rowdy revelers for this year’s Brewday. The event will be held on Saturday, July 28th from 1pm-3pm PDT. As always, there are many ways to participate! You can even earn a special title by participating in the festivities.

EverQuest II invites you to join the rowdy revelers for this year’s Brewday


St Patrick’s Day is coming up next week, which means all of the Daybreak MMOs that commemorate the holiday are winding down their celebrations – including EverQuest II’s Brewday Festival. It’s about beer, after all.

Daybreak’s Darkpaw Games states, “Everything we celebrated last year returns, including the Overseer questline.” “However, merchant products and Tradeskill recipes are new this year. The Brewday Festival will run from March 10 through March 23, 2022, at 11:00 p.m. PDT.”

“The Brewday Festival is all about sharing a cool cup of ale with friends!” And this year, we’re introducing some new features for players and bartenders to enjoy. All you have to do is locate the noisy revelers in any Norrath city, and they will direct you to a pub where you may drink a pint or two before continuing your journey.”

Brewday wasn’t even addressed directly in Daybreak’s fairly thorough plan for the game through 2022, which was packed along with other seasonal events. Players can look forward to the anniversary, GU 119, Tinkerfest, and a new TLE server for the remainder of spring.

Tilting back a frosty mug of ale with friends is what Brewday Festival is all about, and it’s back. New items, new Tradeskill recipes, and most importantly, BEERS! Details here: https://t.co/iJFI5NdLpI pic.twitter.com/GaEWE7oMbl

— EverQuest II (@everquestii) March 10, 2022


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