The first Fallout 76 even was the game’s launch event but was cancelled in the final moments. The game’s original launch was pushed back to November 14, 2018, and then the game’s first event was cancelled. Bethesda Game Studios only announced the event’s cancellation in a post on the Fallout 76 subreddit, which now appears to have been deleted. A Bethesda spokesperson provided the following statement to IGN: “We will not be holding the Fallout 76 Beta this weekend. We’re going to take more time and effort to test the game more thoroughly. We will be sure to share the new dates and details once we’re closer to the next B.E.T.A.”

Even though we are still waiting on a release date for Bethesda’s upcoming multiplayer Fallout 76 , the Fallout community have already gotten excited about the Bethesda sponsored “Treasure Hunt Event”. When it kicks off on 19th November, players will be able to gain access to the Treasure Hunt Event by creating a new character and downloading the latest patch, which comes with a series of quests designed to lead players through parts of Fallout 76’s map in search of treasure.

Bethesda and West Virginia tourism officials are teaming up to bring Fallout 76 players to the state for a live-action treasure hunt that’s unlike anything the state has ever seen. And you’re invited! As part of the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event, three teams of up to four players will make their way from the Woodburn Hall on the West Virginia University campus to three real-world locations in the state.

word-image-11446 Fallout 76’s -Treasure Hunt event will become semi-regular, giving players a better chance of getting cool loot while exploring Appalachia. But what are the start and end dates? In the Fallout 76 Treasure Hunt event, players will meet the legendary Mole Diggers, treasure hunters. Initially, they were only seen in the Ash Pile area, but after the second event, they began popping up all over Appalachia. They make a distinctive sound that is particularly useful for detecting them, and can drop rewards across three levels: Dusty mole spoons (below), mole spoons (middle) and elegant mole spoons (above).

Fallout 76 scavenger hunt event

word-image-11447 word-image-11448 Higher level buckets have an increased chance of obtaining rare loot, including different outfits and plans. They cannot be sold to merchants, but can be traded to other players. In the Fallout 76 Scavenger Hunt event, you can also make your own buckets. With the lids, you can buy empty mole-mine buckets from merchants, and then combine them with other materials to build buckets belonging to one of the three levels above. Reddit user gilpo1 has compiled a comprehensive list of event rewards, and the likelihood of you getting them with buckets, and compiled them into a handy chart. Starting with the second scavenger hunt event of Fallout 76, mole hunters could reach level 50 after the dynamic leveling scale was introduced in the One Wasteland update. This change allowed for legendary loot to be dropped that was better suited to the player’s character level. Rewards for events are also included in a separate pool and include new exclusive items. Decorative buckets in the mole mines have seen their chances of falling increase, while lower quality buckets have begun to earn rewards exclusive to the Scavenger Hunt event. The buckets are no longer exchanged either. Finally, the sale price of parts used for player-created mole bins has also been reduced. All these changes lead to a third event that seems to do nothing special. Here is the Fallout 76 Scavenger Hunt event schedule:

  • Fallout 76 scavenger hunt event 1 – launch: 21. May; End : 27. May at 12 hours ET/4 hours GMT
  • Fallout 76 Scavenger Hunt Event 2 – Launch: 15. October at 12:00 pm ET/5:00 pm BST; End: 19. October at 12:00 ET/5:00 BST
  • Fallout 76 Scavenger Hunt Event 3 – Start: Nov. 5 at 12 p.m. ET/5 p.m. GMT; End: 9. November at 12 hours ET/5 hours GMT

Fallout 76 scavenger hunt event 2021

  • Fallout 76 Scavenger Hunt Event 4 – Start: 11. February at 12pm ET/5pm GMT; Ends: 15. February at 12 o’clock ET/5 o’clock GMT
  • Fallout 76 Scavenger Hunt Event 5 – Start: 25. March at 12pm ET/5pm GMT; Ends: 29. March at 12 o’clock ET/5 o’clock GMT
  • Fallout 76 Scavenger Hunt Event 6 – Start: May 6 at 12pm ET/5pm GMT; Ends: 10. May at 12 hours ET/5 hours GMT (estimated time)
  • Fallout 76 scavenger hunt Event 7 – Launch: 27. May at noon. ET/5 p.m. GMT; End: June 1, at 12:00. ET/5 p.m. GMT (time is approximate)
  • Fallout 76 Scavenger Hunt Event 8 – Start: July 15 at 12pm ET/5pm GMT; Ends: 19. July at 12 o’clock ET/5 o’clock GMT (provisional time)

We will update this article as soon as there are new developments. Meanwhile, check out our treasure hunter’s guide to good places to dig moles. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord. We may also include links to affiliated stores, which will earn us a small commission if you make a purchase through them. Thank you.Gamekorp reports that the Treasure Hunter event has begun for Fallout 76 players, and also offers a link to a separate article, where they will give instructions on how to complete the quest. The event itself seems to be pretty straight forward. You will need to use the Pip-Boy to begin the quest. In addition, you will need to have the Wasteland Whisperer perk. You will also need to complete the first two quests in the event: “Head of State” and “Cult of Personality.”. Read more about fallout 76 treasure hunter locations 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the treasure hunter event start fallout 76?

Fallout 76 has a new questline, The Treasure Hunter, that lets you track down a legendary treasure hunter and eventually gain access to a new perk. In the meantime, you get a new type of currency (Bottle Caps) and a new perk, Treasure Hunter, which makes rare items more likely to appear. You can also augment the perk with an add-on called Pioneer Scout. The Treasure Hunter event is a timed event, meaning it’s only available for a limited time. However, it’s not clear exactly when the event will end. Although Bethesda has officially started Fallout 76’s first in-game event, the Treasure Hunter, the event’s start time has not been published anywhere yet. Fortunately, our own Fallout 76 news team has good information about the event – we know the start time and can tell you that you can start looking to find the treasure chests at 9pm Eastern.

How do you do the treasure hunter event in Fallout 76?

There are two ways to play the new Treasure Hunter event in Fallout 76. The first is to complete the New River Gorge event. Completing this mission will activate the Hunting the Hunter quest. This task can be repeated as many times as you want. To complete the quest, you will need to kill the following bosses in the correct order: The Watoga Honey Badger, The Beast of Andale, The Flying Guillotine, and The Enclave Eyebot. After this, you will unlock a new quest titled “The Treasure Hunter Event.” The Fallout 76 Treasure Hunter event starts on November 15 and runs through to December 3, in other words, the event doesn’t last very long at all. So, the question is how can you do the Treasure Hunter event as quickly and as efficiently as possible? The following guide will tell you what you need to know.

Is the treasure hunter event live fallout 76?

The event is now live in Fallout 76! It was supposed to start earlier in the week, but Bethesda is a bit behind schedule, so it has now launched at the end of the week. The hunt is for the Treasure Hunter event, which gives you access to special treasure maps. Those treasure maps can be used to find chests hidden in the wasteland. In them, you’ll find event-themed rewards like the Patriot’s Pack, a unique outfit, and even the elusive Atomic Artillery Grenade Launcher. If that sounds fun to you, then get ready to start the event! Bethesda released a cryptic announcement a few days ago, after which, it didn’t take long for the hunt for the treasure hunter event in fallout 76 to begin. The hunt for the treasure hunter event in fallout 76 is said to begin on the 4th July at 10:00 am EST and will end on the 8th July at 6:00 am EST.

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