The game Field of Glory: Kingdoms Revealed! was designed to be a realistic-looking medieval strategy simulation. The goal is to take control of the kingdom and defeat your enemies.

Field of Glory: Kingdoms Revealed is a turn-based strategy game that allows players to build their own medieval empire. It’s the first in a series of games by Creative Assembly and the sequel to Field of Glory: Immortal Fire. Read more in detail here: field of glory meaning.

Field of Glory: Kingdoms Revealed During Home of

Field of Glory: Kingdoms Revealed During Home of Wargamers Live 2022

During today’s Home of Wargamers Live 2022 preview, publisher Slitherine and developer Ageod announced Field of Glory: Kingdoms, their newest 4X strategy game.

Field of Glory: Kingdoms is a game set in 1054, just after the Great Schism, that “encompasses more than two centuries of epic European, African, and Middle Eastern history,” according to the publisher, and gives players complete control over their domain.

Field of Glory: Kingdoms Revealed During Home of Wargamers Live 2022

Field of Glory: Kingdoms Revealed During Home of Wargamers Live 2022

You’ll need to employ the new Authority concept to keep control of your people and vassals, issue edicts for building construction, and declare wars.

Another of your main priorities will be creating an heir, whether with your cherished spouse or someone completely different. However, having a family member poised to seize the throne does not ensure a smooth transfer.

In Field of Glory: Kingdoms, religion plays a significant role. Even the most tolerant kings will experience tensions that may escalate into battles if they live next to a kingdom of a different religion.

When diplomacy fails, knights, sergeants, spearmen, crossbowmen, and other sorts of soldiers may be used to win the game’s deadly fights.

The game allows you to export and load fights into the fantastic Field of Glory II: Medieval, then transfer the results back. Asynchronous multiplayer will be available as well.

Field of Glory: Kingdoms has no set release date, but when it does, you’ll be able to choose from 375 factions, field 325 troops, develop 600 structures, deal with 14 faiths and heresies, and manage 90 all-new cultural qualities. A beta test is scheduled for this fall.

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