Today we present you a new “Forbidden West” gameplay trailer which you can watch on your Android phone, iPad, or tablet.

After a long while of waiting, the Forbidden West open beta start release is finally here! Download the game from the link below and start playing immediately.

It’s still a long way off from the launch of Forbidden West, but that hasn’t stopped White Lotus Games from showing off the game’s next stage in development. This new trailer includes footage of the character creation screen, one of the game’s core gameplay elements, and it will surely whet your appetite for even more of this upcoming RPG.

Home News Horizon 2 : Forbidden West: game trailer word-image-12732 Scarlet is back! Sony has finally released the game’s status video, which includes 14 minutes of exclusiveHorizon 2: Forbidden Westgameplay shot on PlayStation 5. This is what next generation games look like, the detailed environments are amazing! Watch 4K Horizon 2: Forbidden West Gameplay Reveal Trailer here :

. Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Review | PS5 This never-before-seen gameplay footage was recorded directly on the PlayStation 5 console – although the game will also be released on the PlayStation 4! – and features a brief introduction to Horizon II by game director Matthijs de Jonge and narrative director Ben McCaw of Dutch developer Guerrilla Games. Horizon Forbidden Westcontinues six months after the events ofHorizon Zero Dawn. Scarlet, a car hunter, has traveled west to investigate a mysterious and deadly disease. In these unknown lands, she meets strange new tribes and faces increasingly deadly machines. With old friends and new companions, she must venture into this dangerous frontier to find answers that can save life on Earth. In a new game sequence, Scarlet sends her loyal friend Erend into the ruins of San Francisco to recover an important artifact. But he soon runs into trouble when he is confronted by the rebels of the Tenact tribe, evil warriors who have acquired the ability to control machines. Scarlet must traverse the ruins and fight many enemies to save her friend and continue her journey. word-image-12733 This dangerous and unknown land is full of challenges and threats, but Scarlet will have new tools to help her on her way. The Pulcaster lets you climb faster and get out of trouble quickly; the shield wings let you descend safely from great heights (or surprise your enemies from above); and the diving mask opens up a whole new underwater world to explore. Not to mention the major updates to his focus, which now shows free climbing areas and allows him to control more machines for maunts or fights. word-image-12734 Speaking of battles,Horizon Forbidden Westemphasizes tactics and choice, offering players a huge choice of weapons. Aloy’s trusty spear is good for close quarters combat and allows for new combos. Arcs with special types of ammunition remove the armor of vehicles and expose their weak points. Glue grenades can be fired with a catapult and temporarily stop enemies. And many more, all of which can be improved on the workbench. word-image-12735 Scarlet will face more than human enemies. The game also features a new selection of deadly machines: Sun wings in the air, clawed riders and sliders on land, snappers and smaller (but not to be underestimated) cockroaches in the water. This is just the beginning, because there are many more interesting things to discover in the huge open-world gameHorizon Forbidden West. You’ll have to be smart and resourceful to destroy them all. Are you looking forward to the Horizon sequel on PS5?

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word-image-4685The gameplay trailer for Forbidden West was just released and I have to say, it looks pretty good. It will be interesting to see how the game is received and if it will sell well, considering it is a new IP. I have to wonder if the game will be any different than so many other similar games in the market place. Will people enjoy the game for its diversity, or will they focus on the meta-game of climbing the ranks on a social media platform?. Read more about horizon forbidden west ps4 and let us know what you think.

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