Some of the people behind Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher series have announced a new studio called GOG.

The “cd projekt red” is a new studio that was made by the former cd projekt red developers. The studio has been in development for over two years and will release its first game in 2020.

Former CD Projekt Red Developers Announce New Studio

Former CD Projekt Red Developers Announce New Studio Rebel Wolves, working on Dark Fantasy RPG

A former Game Director at CD Projekt Red has started a new firm with the goal of making a true next-gen RPG.

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, who served as Game Director on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and as Head of Production on Cyberpunk 2077, has assembled a new team of developers for Rebel Wolves, a new startup firm. The studio will be situated in Warsaw, Poland, however remote employees will be permitted.

Konrad wants to produce a Dark Fantasy cRPG with Unreal Engine 5, and he makes it plain that at Rebel Wolves, he’ll be doing things differently than at his former firm. He’ll seek out a new method to game development and guarantee that his team is treated with respect while they work on this new project.

Rebel Wolves CEO Tomaszkiewicz describes the studio’s aim in an official statement.

Former CD Projekt Red Developers Announce New Studio Rebel Wolves, working on Dark Fantasy RPG

Former CD Projekt Red Developers Announce New Studio Rebel Wolves, working on Dark Fantasy RPG

“Video games were always something we felt meant to do—something embedded in our DNA—for all of us here at Rebel Wolves. Personally, I’m overjoyed to have teamed up with pals that share this interest. We’re making a video game that we’d want to play the way games should be produced. We aim to push the cRPG genre forward by telling terrible tales and evoking strong emotions, all while working as a close-knit team with a same objective and vision.

Collectively, we see Rebel Wolves as a location where seasoned game creators can rekindle their passion, concentrate on their craft, and pour their hearts and souls into a fantastic, ambitious game. We want to keep the company small and nimble, with individuals who know and care about one another.”

Jakub Szamaek, the Narrative Director, agrees with Tomaszkiewicz.

“We won’t pursue trends or metrics in order to make genuinely excellent games.” Our mission is clear: to make memorable games, convey compelling tales, and elicit strong emotions. True, it’s ambitious, and I applaud it. Ambition is required for art. I’m not interested in making a new game. I’d want to work on titles that will stick with people.”

It will be intriguing to watch what this studio creates, with such a strong pedigree in the camp and a good worker-focused attitude.

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