Former EVE Online CSM member recounts how CCP mismanagement during his tenure led to a period of inactivity for the playerbase. How did that lead us to where we are today?

The “eve online alliance tournament nft” is a story of the mismanagement that has been present in CCP’s management during the tenure of former EVE Online CSM member.

Former EVE Online CSM member recounts CCP mismanagement during his tenure


What’s it like to work at CCP Games, the creators of EVE Online? According to one former CSM member, it’s typically chaotic and badly handled. Xenuria, a member of CSM 11 who was active around 2016, said on Reddit that his tenure at the game’s office was “worse than [players] realize.”

The post oscillates between hyperbole, assumption, and personal observations, but it does make some specific accusations against the developer, such as broken internal metrics for SKIN sales, ignoring requests from the CSM to not include cash shop items like skill injectors, a “toxic” workplace culture in which certain employees – particularly women – are “talked over” if their opinions differ from the norm, and a general sense of displeasure with CEO Hilmar Petursson, with a general sense of

He also claims that the studio treats the CSM as a “afterthought,” accuses it of mismanaging CSM funds by overpaying for last-minute flights, and claims that the studio bends the rules of CSM nomination in favor of those who “will simp and suck up to CCP” while attempting to stonewall CSM candidates who ask tough questions of the developer.

The post has since expanded with over 1K comments, including responses from several former CSM members; one responded to some of the claims leveled by the OP, while another said that his tenure as CSM “was the single largest contributing cause for [his] choice to exit EVE.” These representatives are part of a growing number of current and past CSM members who have spoken out against the studio in recent months; readers will remember that it was CSM members that sparked the revolt against CCP in March, which resulted in the studio apologizing for the “bargegate” fiasco.

In other EVE news, there’s an audio log of CCP Paragon’s Discord remarks about the game’s decision to raise its sub price, which explains that the price is being raised to keep the game profitable and because the game “lost Russia,” that a discount may be offered to those with multiple accounts, and that the upcoming EVE Fanfest will have a big announcement – “probably the largest one we’ve ever done.”


The “eve alliance tournament 2021” is a project that was announced in 2018. It will take place in the upcoming year and will be organized by CCP Games.

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