Long before it’s launch, WildStar was a MMORPG with an interesting take on what the genre should be. The game went through many changes and even had its own blockchain running in the background to make payment processing easier for players. Today, I’ll discuss how much people miss their time playing this once-beloved MMORPG.

The “wildstar steam” is a game that was released in 2014, but has since been discontinued. It is the former development team members of WildStar who are waxing nostalgic about the game and its legacy.

Former WildStar devs wax nostalgic about the late, lamented MMORPG


Every now and again, a wave of WildStar nostalgia hits Twitter, with former players carrying the flame for the now-defunct scifi MMO. It only goes to show that there’s still a lot of affection and great memories for this game out there.

And it’s happening again this week, with one major difference: this time, it’s the WildStar devs who are gathering for an unplanned virtual wake to exchange memories and favorite images from the game.

So, because there is still a lot of affection for WildStar in our community, we thought we’d gather these posts and share them with our readers:

Goddamnit gotta get this on this #WildStar memory train. Some of those artifacts that make me cry every time I look at them. Love you, fam. Except you Dommie bastards. #NeverForget pic.twitter.com/KVX8X5QCtq

— Chad Moore (@Pappylicious) April 13, 2022

Man, you Cupcakes bringing up #wildstar right now, my heart can’t take it.

— Frost (@StephanFrost) April 13, 2022

So much love for #Wildstar and my time working on it. Learned a LOT and made a ton of life long friends along the way.

Some of the funniest bugs I’ve seen in a game as well – including getting punted across multiple zones when dismounting a taxi 😆 pic.twitter.com/BapPvcLJKE

— Kori (@the_geekette) April 13, 2022

Lots of old coworkers reminiscing about #Wildstar today, so here’s a rowsdower hanging out with Blasto. pic.twitter.com/rxcYZUb7Ag

— Swan (@frsty13) April 13, 2022

Wonderful to see many fantastic former co-workers post about #Wildstar. While there were ups and downs, I am so glad to have gotten a chance to work on it, and meet so many awesome people. <3

— Robert Hess (@NohBob) April 13, 2022

It’s impossible to wait for the emulator to arrive.


The “wildstar release date” is a video that former WildStar devs have released. They reminisce about the game and talk about what they would like to see in the future.

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