On Friday, July 27th 2018, Fortnite players made a decision that would change the game forever. A player created and sold 2 million V-bucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency) on the blockchain – creating an entirely new form of cryptocurrency called “V-Bucks” or Shifty Shafts Tover Tokens. While this is not the first example of developers using crypto to reward their players with virtual items – it is one of most popular examples.

The “shifty shafts old map” is a location on the Fortnite map. It’s an area that was seen in the game before it was removed and replaced with Shifty Shafts. The tokens for this location can be found in chests, vaults, or supply drops.

Fortnite Shifty Shafts Tover Tokens

Season 3 of Fortnite is here, and with it comes a whole new set of obstacles. This season, you may earn Tover Tokens to unlock new Snap skin designs. You’ll be able to use the ‘Mato skin style if you’ve found all three Shifty Shafts Tover Tokens. Each token may be found in the following locations.

In Fortnite, all Shifty Shafts Tover Tokens

Fortnite-Shifty-Shafts-Tover-Token-Locations-640x360Fortnite Shifty Shafts Tover Tokens

In Fortnite, there are a total of three Shifty Shafts Tover Tokens to be found. The mines make them a bit difficult to find, but if you know where to look, they’re not too difficult to find. All three Tover Token locations in Shifty Shafts are shown below. Each place is also shown on the map above.

Tover Token #1 by Shifty Shafts

Fortnite-Shifty-Shafts-Tover-Token-1-640x360Fortnite Shifty Shafts Tover Tokens

The first of the Shifty Shafts Tover Tokens may be discovered above the main shaft region on the summit of the mountain. You should notice a little structure at the top of the mountain above the Y in Shifty as you glide in. You’ll find the first token near the mine’s entrance if you land at the building’s foundation.

Tover Token #2 by Shifty Shafts

Fortnite-Shifty-Shafts-Tover-Token-2-640x360Fortnite Shifty Shafts Tover Tokens

Turn around and slide down the mountain approximately 10 feet to the red structure after you’ve grasped it. The second token is located near the mine entrance at the base of the structure.

Tover Token #3 by Shifty Shafts

Fortnite-Shifty-Shafts-Tover-Token-3-640x360Fortnite Shifty Shafts Tover Tokens

Head into the mines and take the first left after grabbing the second Shifty Shafts Tover Token. Go left after running up the slope. The third and final token may be found beyond the first red mining cart.

You’ll be able to unlock the ‘Mato head for the Snap skin after you’ve gathered all three Shifty Shafts Tover Tokens. You’ll need to buy the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass and the Snap skin on page one for nine Battle Stars if you don’t have these challenges.

The “greasy grove” is a location in the game Fortnite. It is an area that has lots of trees and it is not very well lit, so players will find themselves being hunted down by enemies.

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