The developer of Frostpunk 2, the new game from 11 bit studios, has blasted a key reseller on Steam using fake price and reviews.

The frost punk is a game that has been out for a while. It has received mixed reviews, but the developer has blasted a key reseller using fake price and negative feedback.

Frostpunk 2 Dev Blasts Key Reseller Using Fake Price and Age Rating

11 bit studios, the publisher and developer of Frostpunk 2, has called out a key resale website for allegedly selling pre-order keys for the forthcoming survival city building game with a fictitious price and age rating.

The developer was drawn to a listing on the famous key resale website Kinguin since it had a price tag of about 37.24$/31.84€ and a PEGI 18 rating. According to 11 bit studios, Frostpunk 2 was just launched a week ago and has yet to be given an internal pricing or an age rating.

Frostpunk 2 Dev Blasts Key Reseller Using Fake Price and Age Rating

Frostpunk 2 Dev Blasts Key Reseller Using Fake Price and Age Rating

“We don’t know the pricing of our game yet, and we don’t have any keys,” the developer said on Twitter, before labeling the individual selling the Frostpunk 2 pre-order code a “scammer” and referring to the website Kinguin as a “crook.”

The shop item, which claimed to sell Steam keys and had the game’s Epic Games Store trailer in its description, had its price tag removed at first, indicating that the game was out of stock, before being deleted entirely. The linked Twitter thread at the bottom of this post includes a screenshot of the first version.

The PEGI rating remained in place while the page was live but a simple search on the Pan European Game Information =&descriptor <> =&publisher=&platform <> =&release_year <> =&page=1&form_build_id=form-oQwDO5QjxPQbGZepvoaJC_G5RD5lrMQhLgp84GXqH3M&form_id=pegi_search_form”>website confirms that it is pure fiction.

Developers have already spoken out against major resale websites owing to their business model, which seldom helps game creators. This case does seem like someone is frantically attempting to cash in on the Frostpunk 2 hype.

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ANNOUNCEMENT! We don’t know the price of our game yet, we don’t have any keys. Some SHITTY SCAMMER sells Frostpunk 2 on pre-order under umbrella of another CROOK Kinguin?! Re-tweet & let’s make some noise to stop it. Media folks?@gameinformer @pcgamer @eurogamer @gamestar_de

August 19, 2021 — Frostpunk (@frostpunkgame)

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