Skydome, the multiplayer MOBAs hybrid by Gamigo is now available on Steam Early Access. Skydome offers a unique twist on existing MOBAs with the focus on PvP-oriented gameplay. The game is based on a mix of PvP and PvE elements, where players are able to hold and raid enemy bases. In addition to this, players are able to build their own bases and undertake quests to obtain new and more powerful items.

Skydome, Gamigo’s multiplayer MOBA hybrid, is now available in the founder’s edition!

In late 2015, Gamigo entered the MOBAs arena with Skydome, a multiplayer MOBA that is part MOBA and part RPG. Skydome is a strange hybrid MOBA, since it mixes elements of a traditional MOBAs with a RPG, and it is designed to be playable in short bursts (20 minutes).


Gamigo startled everyone this spring when it announced that it will be releasing numerous new games in 2021. Skydome, a 4v4 MOBA/tower-defense multiplayer title from Kinship Entertainment, turned out to be one of them, and it’s shockingly attractive. And, as of yesterday, you can play it if your account has the necessary rights, since it launched its “founder’s early access” for closed beta and founder pack users, with a general early access debuting next week.

“Early Access” indicates that the game Skydome is still in production and has a complete roadmap, according to the developers. “With the Founders Early Access, we’ve erased all records, progress, characters, and their belongings. You won’t be able to use the characters you used during the Closed Beta, but you’ll be able to maintain your early access characters until the game officially launches.

The cheapest founder pack is presently roughly $30, or you can play for free for a week. ST OIpDnU

Today is the first day of Founders Early Access!

04:00 PM CEST New invasion system New ranked, custom, and spectator modes

Tag a friend who wants to play some #towerdefense co-op or competitively!

More information can be found at #esports

August 11, 2021 — Skydome (@SkydomeOfficial)


Skydome is a multiplayer game that puts you in the shoes of a commander of a fleet of spaceships. You must summon different creatures from the sky to fight and destroy your rivals’ ships. The game is still in development and requires a lot of work. Currently, you will only be able to meet with the developers on their Discord page.. Read more about skydome game and let us know what you think.

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