As most of you already know, on Monday, January 16th, gamekorp’s official blog posted an update on Genshin Impact’s update, which added new banner and costumes for Kazuha.

As part of the world’s first video game for women, “Genshin Impact 1.6” (a.k.a. “G.I.S. 1.6”) is about to add another star to its cast: Japanese actress and singer Kazuha Toyama will be joining the fray as one of the game’s main characters in “G.I.S.”‘s latest update.


Summer adventure

InGenshin Impact 1.6, there will be a story where Klie and Jin go on a midsummer adventure. The summer event in version 1.6 takes players through four stages of adventure. In the first stage, you swim in a boat and destroy enemy fortified structures on the water. The second is a race that tests the player’s maneuvering skills in the water and in the air. The third is a confrontation with a new samurai boss named Maguu Kenki, whose aesthetic is taken from Inazuma. Players must fight this boss face to face, as distance attacks are automatically blocked if Maguu Kenki is not engaged in a melee fight. Finally, players will go on the attack and take out enemy camps using the newly introduced Harpastum bombardment mechanic. word-image-13848

Clover returns, and the story continues….

As for the order of the characters’ banners, Kli’s is placed first, immediately followed by Cazuha’s. Players can expect more Inazuma-related content, as the Archons quest will also appear in version 1.6. In this quest, Kazuha joins the group and helps the traveler figure out how to get into the closed region of Inazuma. word-image-13849

Aesthetics in summer

The patch will also include costumes for Gunnhildr’s two sisters, Jean and Barbara. Barbara’s summer costume will be free and can be obtained by completing a summer story event. Jean’s summer costume will be available in stores and costs 1,350 Genesis crystals at a discounted price. Version 1.6 of the Impact Genshins will be released on June 9, 2021, shortly after the Eula banner expires. word-image-13850 word-image-13851 Below is a trailer showing the contents of the new update.

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