Get your hands on some free cash shop cosmetics with a Grab an Element Quest promo code.

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Grab an Element Quest promo code for some free cash shop cosmetics


We examined Element Quest, a new-to-us MMORPG, last week. It’s basically a 2-D sidescrolling MMO with roguelike expedition content, similar to Glitch and MapleStory — except it’s a genuine indie game.

If you’re looking for something new and charming to try out, Studio Muscle Bird Games has graciously given our readers a coupon for some cash-shop money to use to help you get started – and try it out you may, since it’s free-to-play on Steam. The code is as follows:


To use the code, first download and play the game, then create a character, go to the cash shop by clicking the “gift” symbol in the bottom-left corner, then click the “Promo-Code” button in the top-left corner of the cash shop panel, and input the code when requested.

During the process of writing this piece, I downloaded the game (via Steam) to test the code and see how far the cash would extend. It turns out to be 20 cash shop points, and the most of the products on sale are between 5 and 17 points, so you could easily equip a new character. In reality, I didn’t see anything suspicious. The majority of stuff is clothes (shirts, hats, shoes, accessories, and so on) or cosmetic (hair, eyes, ears, masks, and so on); I did notice chat bubbles, nametags, and other such items, as well as name changes and character slots, but nothing offensive, and nothing above 17 points.

It also leverages Steam for login, so you won’t have to establish an account manually.

Good luck and have a good time!


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