With the announcement of the end of the long-running “Dragon Festival” event in Guild Wars 2, the game has seen a flurry of potential new additions to the game, including logograms and elite specs.

While we’ve seen a lot of speculation regarding the upcoming Chinese MMO Guild Wars 2, some of the latest developments have been met with some skepticism. This is because they’ve not been supported by concrete proof. Obviously, the most common reason for this is because ArenaNet is keeping the secrets under wraps.

The release date of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is upon us, and the hype train is in full swing. While much of the focus has been on the new features, lore, and new races, some have pointed out that the release of the new elite specs and logograms could be a hint that there is more to come.. Read more about guild wars and let us know what you think.


Guild Wars 2 gamers have been discussing the End of Dragons hints that ArenaNet has been delivering. Of course, we got the scoop on the Mesmer Virtuoso last week, along with what seems to be some kind of Necromancer shadowhunting. This week, we have a teaser image for another elite spec, which seems to be a dual-wieldy toon with armor. While you may have assumed it was a Revenant or Thief spec, the general opinion is that it’s most likely a Guardian spec, owing to the colors and armor showing through the blanked version. That doesn’t stop people from making crazy assumptions about the rest of the elites based on the symbols we’ve seen so far.

We’ve been keeping an eye on your responses to our question, and it seems that the majority of you are guessing either thief or guardian. On the August 13 edition of Guild Chat, we’ll tell you for sure, but in the meanwhile, here’s a poll to fan the flames. whilst away the hours! #GW2EOD

August 5, 2021 — Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2)

We won’t know for sure until next week, when the studio releases those two specifications. ArenaNet is previewing some of the logograms it announced last month in the interim.

Let’s get some Canthan language practice in for #GuildWars2 End of Dragons! Here’s the first in a series of logograms we’ll be releasing in the coming months. It literally means “Empress.” #GW2EOD https://t.co/d4H3YiOeiM pic.twitter.com/3dYSWhH8MT

August 5, 2021 — Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2)

Finally, I present the Guild Wars 2 player who chose to gather and store 420 rocks from The Last Chance. Why? Because he is capable. Somewhere in here, there’s a stone joke.

All the rocks in The Last Chance are free, which Anet doesn’t want you to know. You are free to take them home. I have 420 rocks in my possession. Guildwars 2 –


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