Guild Wars 2’s new legendary weapon skins were released on Friday, and the process of getting one was a bit confusing. The most frustrating part is that some people got their hands on them before others because they joined an event called “Proud to be a Troll.” And now, players are trying to get access for themselves by doing events too!ㅋㅋㅋ

The “guild wars 2 new expansion reddit” is a post about how the game’s newest expansion, Path of Fire, has been causing players to be blocked from being able to access new legendary weapon skins. The post also includes a list of steps that can be taken to fix the issue.

Guild Wars 2 trolls are blocking others’ access to new legendary weapon skins… by causing events to succeed


Players in Guild Wars 2 are failing miserably at failing because other players are pushing them to succeed. Wait a minute, let’s start anew.

Players must kill a certain boss of one of the meta events in Zhaitan’s kingdom of Orr to unlock the new Zhaitan variations of the generation 3 legendary weapons, which were introduced with the Sky Pirates patch earlier this week. That’s not unexpected, but what irritates players is that the collection’s unique boss is activated only when a certain event earlier in the chain fails. So, of course, trolls appear to ensure that the event succeeds, resulting in everyone’s hard work being for nothing and forcing them to wait many hours until the event respawns for another opportunity.

The events in question can be completed by even a small number of players, so it’s entirely possible for one or two newbies to wander in, not pay attention to chat, and not realize that they’re ruining everyone’s fun by simply doing what you expect to do with events. That said, it does appear that there are also numerous players causing trouble on purpose.

Other gamers claim to have killed the proper boss but have yet to get their prize.

This isn’t the first time this has occurred; two of the generation 2 legendaries needed the same monster, causing comparable problems upon their introduction, although on a lesser scale since only one weapon type was required at a time rather than all 16. ArenaNet seems to have failed to learn from its previous mistake of making failure a requirement for success.


The “gw2 halloween 2021 reddit” is a post on the official Guild Wars 2 subreddit that discusses how players are being blocked from accessing new legendary weapon skins. The post goes into detail about how events in the game are succeeding because of this issue, and it also includes links to several threads on the subject.

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