Hearts of Iron IV is a strategy game that takes place in World War II, but it’s not your average WWII. Players control the countries and forces fighting on a grand scale as they see fit, with each nation aligning itself to one of four main ideologies: fascism, communism, democracy or libertarianism. The expansion adds more depth to decision-making by giving players the ability to interact with their populace via propaganda tools and trade agreements.,

The “hearts of iron 4 mods” is a game that has been out for quite some time now. The expansion to the game, called “By Blood Alone”, adds new features and content to the base game.

Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone Expansion Adds Aircraft Designer, New Focus Trees for Italy, Ethiopia, and Switzerland

Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone, the latest expansion for the World War II-themed grand strategy game, was announced today by publisher Paradox Interactive. It will have new focus trees for Italy, Ethiopia, and Switzerland when it comes later this year.

Aside from new ways to explore different histories, Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone includes a new aircraft builder that allows you personalize your jet as you want, as well as 67 new plane types.

Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone Expansion Adds Aircraft Designer, New Focus Trees for Italy, Ethiopia, and Switzerland

Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone Expansion Adds Aircraft Designer, New Focus Trees for Italy, Ethiopia, and Switzerland

New options for peace conferences are also on the way, enabling you to demilitarize individual areas on the globe or whole countries. Additionally, 20 new pieces of art have been added to the Italian, Ethiopian, and Swiss units, giving them a new look.

The following is a full breakdown of the expansion’s features, as provided by the publisher:

  • New Italian Focus Tree: Rewrite history by reinstating the monarchy, launching a Communist revolution, or supporting democracy, or follow Mussolini’s historical route.
  • New Ethiopian Focus Tree: Use special Government in Exile skills to combat the Italian invasion or oppose the conqueror from afar.
  • New Focus Tree from Switzerland: Switzerland, surrounded by France, Germany, and Italy, finds strength in its neutrality, balancing conflicting factions and overtures from larger countries.
  • New Options for Peace Conferences: Demilitarize map zones or whole countries, bid on defeated powers’ capital ships, or claim possession of enemy resources or industries as reparations.
  • Aircraft Designer: Design and construct your own aircraft, from quick interceptors to tough bombers capable of dropping tons of havoc from the skies.
  • Unit Medals: A journal of each division’s successes allows you to keep track of their progress and even give medals to those who have excelled.
  • Embargo Interaction: Embargo your adversaries with a new diplomatic interaction that prevents them from trading with you if they’ve raised enough global tension.
  • New Unit Models: Over 20 new unit art pieces for the Italian, Ethiopian, and Swiss armies.
  • New Plane Models: There are a total of 67 new plane models.
  • 12 Brand-New Tracks

The release date for Hearts of Iron 4: By Blood Alone is unknown at this time, however it is expected later this year.

It will be accompanied by the standard free update, which will be accessible to all base game owners. Below is a trailer for the film’s announcement.

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