In Book of Travels, you play a character named Mr. (or Ms.) Johnson who is a traveling merchant and travels all over the world. You go into different countries, talk to different characters, and try to avoid fights, which is pretty hard to do. You have to learn the right way to respond when you are in a fight, and how to avoid them altogether. If you want to get into a fight, you will have to wait until you are in the right place to do it, and then you have to do exactly what you have to do to avoid it.

Each turn in this game takes place on a “date”. Each turn represents a single day. The game begins when the first player rolls the dice and picks a date.

It’s a good idea to know the fighting styles of your opponents before you go up against them. For example, if you know a sword fighter will use a sword and shield combo, you can play to that strength. If you recognize someone’s preference for the Duelist Style, you can take advantage of the weakness of their weapon and the shield to score a hit. In Book of Travels, combat is a huge part of the game and understanding your opponents is key to surviving it.


You’re mistaken if you think Might and Delight’s Book of Travels will be all strolling and chatting and no combat. While you won’t be ganking each other in the beautiful, painterly environment, you will be battling the monsters and strange animals of the wilds, from wolves and bandits to otherworldly villains, according to a new dev blog from the studio this week.

“The first thing you should do if you find yourself in a battle scenario is prepare,” the studio advises. “This is a fighting system built on preparation, initiative, and timing, with three crucial phases leading up to the critical moment. Of course, you’ll need to scan your surroundings for a suitable opponent before you begin.” Players will prepare their assaults, cast their knots, sip their drinks, and prepare their spells. Alternatively, you might just… flee.

“If you’re a more peaceful player and see a danger from afar (red name tags are an indication), you may opt to skirt around it, and if that doesn’t work, you can escape it by wearing abilities like a Smoke Cylinder, which provides temporary invisibility. You may choose to silently pass by problems, hide, or become invisible this way. And if you’re feeling really bold and in need of supplies, you may be able to sneak up on a robber and take from them without causing any trouble by utilizing teleportation!”

Today, the team released a video showcasing some of the most intriguing foes you’ll be battling and dying to:


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