The second year of Agent 47’s latest outing is upon us and it looks like he’ll be bringing the pain again. This stream will include a live gameplay reveal along with developer interviews, so keep your eyes peeled!

The “new hitman game” is a 3 year sequel to the Hitman series, and was revealed during an event stream. The stream showed new features and gameplay.

Hitman 3 Year 2 Reveal Stream - Everything You Need to Know

In the second year of the franchise, Hitman 3 will be released. The programming for Year 2 will begin on January 20th, 2022. Two new game modes were revealed, as well as various PC-specific upgrades.

Target mode is enigmatic.

Elusive Target arcade was the first game mode shown. For experienced gamers, the Elusive Target arcade will present a new challenge by requiring them to take out many targets at once. After failing a trial, players must wait a full day before trying again. On January 20th, 2022, the enigmatic target arcade will open its doors.

Trilogy of the Hitman

The Trilogy of the Hitman will launch on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on January 20th, consisting of Hitman 1 through 3. Also for the first time, Hitman 3 will be available via Steam, ending its one-year exclusivity deal with Epic. Xbox players will be happy to hear that the Trilogy of the Hitman launches day 1 on Gamepass and Gamepass for PC.


The IOI team unveiled a slew of technological enhancements for PC users, as well as a VR option.

VR compatibility will be available for all three titles when they arrive on PC. VR introduces additional gameplay mechanics, including a throwing feature. Playing in VR, according to the makers, “makes you feel incredibly badass,” and based on the video displayed, I agree.

Ray-tracing and variable ray shading are among the technological advancements advertised for the PC. In addition, IOI will be one of the first studios to use Intel’s XeSS technology. XeSS is an upscaling solution that competes directly with DLSS. Furthermore, the Hitman team claimed that further information for PC gamers would be released later this year.

Mode of a freelancer

The last new mode presented by IOI was Mode of a freelancer. Mode of a freelancer promises to provide a roleplaying experience for Hitman players. A customizable safehouse that will act as Agent 47’s base of operations. From the safe house, the player can take on contracts against different dubious organizations.

You will be able to take out various targets in any sequence from the start of a Freelancer campaign. To complete the assignment, you must assassinate the organization’s boss. Agent 47 will be unaware of the leader’s identity at the start of the operation. The player discovers this knowledge during the mission, which allows for more replayability since the commander will change on successive plays.

The Freelancer campaign is touted by the team to be inspired by roguelike games. IOI is adding more consequences to failed missions in the Freelancer campaign. Agent 47 can purchase weapons and upgrades from suppliers in this mode. The weapons will be lost though if Agent 47 is killed during the campaign. Mode of a freelancers planned launch is currently Spring 2022.

IOI added a “one more thing,” which consisted of a couple still photos of a jungle setting. Agent 47 will most likely be stationed in this region for the first time. There was no mention of a date or any other information.


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