There will be an upcoming update to the game which, among other things, is going to introduce a new type of crafting – making rope. You’ll have to learn how it’s made and use it for really cool stuff like building bridges or using as a grappling hook in your next heist!

“how to make rope by hand” is a guide that will teach you how to craft thick rope. The article will also include pictures and detailed instructions on how to create the thick rope.

How To Craft Thick Rope Guide

Published on May 27, 2022 and updated on May 27, 2022.

My Time at Sandrock has been a boon to the crafting genre. A Thick Rope is one of the first objects players will need to make. It is a Refined Crafting Material, and you may make it in the “Picking Up the Slack” quest.

Yan will need the player’s help in building a Crane Lift. It’s here that you’ll need a Thick Rope x6 among other things. In My Time at Sandrock, the following instruction will show you how to make Thick Rope. 

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My-Time-At-Sandrock-Thick-RopeThick Rope During My Time At Sandrock Thick Rope During My Time At Sandrock

How to Make Thick Rope During My Time at Sandrock

To begin crafting Thick Rope, players must first have the Worktable ready. The Worktable is your one-stop shop for all of your new creations. However, there is currently an issue. Because Thick Rope is a Refined Crafting Material, you can’t make it. The formula must be obtained from the appropriate blueprint book.

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Yan runs the Commerce Guild Store, where the book may be purchased. It contains a variety of crafting recipe books and building components that will benefit the player over time.

This contains the books you’ll need for the other Crafting Materials needed for the original “Picking Up the Slack” task, which features the Crane Lift. You may purchase the book by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Sandrock Commerce Guild, which is just across from the Blue Moon Saloon.
  • Turn to your right and go over to the table with the cash register.
  • You’ve entered the Commerce Guild Store, where you may seek for the Book and purchase the necessary recipe. 
  • The recipe book for the Thick Rope will set you back 16 Gols.
  • After you’ve bought the book, you’ll be able to view the materials needed to make Thick Rope. 

Commerce-Store-GuildGuild of Commerce Stores Guild of Commerce Stores

Plant Fiber x4 is required for the creation of Thick Rope. It may be found in a variety of plant-based things throughout the game. Desert bushes, tumbleweeds, woodpiles, and other plants are among them. Because Sandrock is abundant in all of these commodities, players should have no trouble obtaining the Plant Fiber necessary to create Thick Rope. You may need to browse around for a while, but this should not take too long. 

You’ll need Thick Rope once you’ve produced it at the Worktable for a number of different crafting materials and objectives. You may also give the Thick Rope to other characters to help them level up in the game’s Friendship system. 

The “how to twist rope by hand” is a guide for creating thick rope. The guide includes a step-by-step process of how to create the rope, and also includes pictures of the process.

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