Dying Light 2 is the sequel to 2016’s Dying Light. The game was developed by Techland, a studio that specializes in horror games and has released blockbuster hits like Dead Island series, Call of Juarez 1&2 and even Dark Souls III on PC. While all these titles are great for hardcore gamers who love playing at night or when undead hordes take over, it can be quite hard for new players get into this type of gameplay.
Dying Light 2 is looking to change that with some innovative multiplayer mechanics intended specifically for newcomers such as how fast travel works so you don’t have to walk everywhere from one location to the next and uses an open world map where you can see important locations just by hovering your cursor over them instead of having hidden markers appear on screen.,

Dying Light 2 is a game that has been released recently. The “How To Fast Travel In Dying Light 2” is a guide on how to fast travel in the game. Read more in detail here: dying light review.

How To Fast Travel In Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, here's how to travel quickly.

Dying Light 2’s quick travel mechanism might be tough to grasp. This article on In Dying Light 2, here’s how to travel quickly. will teach you all you need to know about unlocking fast travel, what places may be utilized for it, and how to use it.

You must first unlock quick travel in order to be able to use it. Regrettably, this is due to the natural progression of the tale. You can learn about Metros ahead of time (we’ll get to that in a minute), but you won’t be able to travel quickly right away. Follow the tale until you reach The Central Loop, where you will be greeted by a big prompt alerting you that you have unlocked quick travel.

In Dying Light 2, here’s how to travel quickly.

The procedure for employing quick travel is straightforward. After that, you hold the matching button while highlighting the spot. On the PlayStation, it’s Square, while on the Xbox, it’s X. However, some gamers may be confused at first since there are very few fast travel spots, and places you’d expect to fast travel to don’t generally function.

As you explore the city, you’ll come across several Nightrunner Camps that you may unlock. Due to the UV light, they provide protection as well as the opportunity to skip time by napping in bed. That is all there is to it. These areas are not suitable for quick travel. Only the Main Terminal Settlement (depending on whether or not you allocated it to a group) and the Metro Stations you have unlocked are accessible through quick travel in the first area.

You may quickly go to the PK Floating Fortress in the second section. Until they are identified, metro stations appear on the map as? icons. Once you’ve found the Metro Station, you’ll need to accomplish the mission to turn it into a quick travel destination.

  • By going through the main tale, you’ll be able to acquire rapid travel.
  • Once unlocked, choose the three-arrowed symbol on the map and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Only a few sites, such as important hubs and Metro stations, are accessible by quick transport.
  • You can’t get to campgrounds or other green areas quickly.


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To power the metropolis and enable speedy transport, electrical substations are necessary. While it is a pretty basic system, there is a flaw that may make it hard to finish. This article on How To Do Electrical Substations In Dying Light 2 will explain you how to power each of the three generators.


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One of the finest modes of transportation in the game is the glider. We’ll go through the physics of the glider, when it’s unlocked, and how to get the most out of soaring above the city skyline in our article on How To Use The Glider In Dying Light 2.


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There is a safe house in Houndfield that has a combination lock on the safe. This tutorial will show you where to discover the Safe Combination for the Nightrunner’s Hideout in Dying Light 2 so you may unlock the locked safe and get the uncommon treasures within.


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The crafting system in Dying Light 2: Stay Human is extensive and well-designed. This Dying Light 2 Blueprints Guide will show you how to unlock all of the Blueprints we’ve found so far, as well as explain the uses and mechanics of each of the Blueprints you’ll come across.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fast travel in dying light?

A: Dying Light offers a variety of fast-travel options. You can use the map to travel, you can go through areas as quickly as possible by sprinting and jumping over obstacles, or grab your car keys to drive around in real time while following on-screen prompts.

Can you fast travel to safe houses in dying light?

A: Not yet, we are looking into making this a feature for our users in the next update.

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