Dying Light 2 is a massively popular first-person, zombie survival video game that released in January of 2018. The platinum trophy is the hardest challenge to conquer in the entire game and requires you to complete all challenges without dying once.

The “control trophies” is a method that allows users to unlock the Platinum Trophy in Dying Light 2. This guide will walk you through the steps of unlocking this trophy.

How to unlock the Platinum Trophy in Dying Light 2

Obtaining the Platinum Trophy in Dying Light 2 is not difficult, but it does need some work due to the fact that you must first earn all other trophies in the game. But if you continue with me, you’ll be able to acquire that trophy in no time.

Starting at the beginning

You must first unlock 57 other trophies in Dying Light 2 Stay Human in order to obtain the Platinum Trophy. Fortunately, the majority of them are simple to unlock by just completing the main campaign. Others will need more time and effort. Let’s take a look at them all:

Reach Villedor in the Unknown. There’s no particular technique for this one; you’ll ultimately find it during the normal campaign.

First Shot: For the first time, use an Inhibitor.

Warmest greetings! Come inside the Bazaar.

Activate your first Water Tower while under duress.

Assign all facilities to municipal services. You must understand the locations of all facilities in Dying Light 2 Stay Human in order to get this award. There are a total of seven facilities in the game, and their locations may be found in the graphic below.

1How to unlock the Platinum Trophy in Dying Light 2

Learn Waltz’s whereabouts while on the trail of the enemy. Obtainable after completing the main campaign.

Activate your first Electrical Substation to bring some light into the darkness.

‘Get out of my house,’ says the narrator. Defeat the Renegades who are attempting to take the Fish Eye. Obtainable after completing the main campaign.

Reach the Observatory with Debris and Ashes.

We Are Going to Be Heard! Return the radio transmission tower to its former glory.

Veronika Ryan is a well-known associate, so find out where she is. Obtainable after completing the main campaign.

Survive the missile attack and avoid death. Obtainable after completing the main campaign.

Enter the X-13 elevator to descend.

First and foremost, locate your sister.

Complete the game according to your own rules. It makes no difference how you finish the game; you may take any route and end up with this award.

Please send me tickets! To go quickly, use a Metro Station.

You Can’t Read the Signs, Can You? Gather all inhibitors that have been concealed in GRE quarantines.

Is There Anything Interesting Here? All Airdrops should be opened.

Was it really that difficult? Successfully overcome your first GRE anomaly.

All GRE Anomalies must be defeated by the Revenants.

Burning the Flag: Destroy your first Bandit Camp.

Clear all Bandit Camps: Ban Hammer.

Your First Is Never Forgotten… Make your very first item.

So, That’s How It Works! For the first time, modify your weapon.

Activate your first Metro Station at the Tunnel Entrance. To get this trophy, you must locate a metro station (a.k.a. any location on the map with a train icon), go there, and complete a sequence of missions that require you to switch on backup generators.

Activate all Metro Stations on the Tube Map. This one is simple to unlock, but it needs you to visit every metro station locations, which are many. On the map below, you’ll find a list of all of them.

5-1024x326How to unlock the Platinum Trophy in Dying Light 2

A Helpful Friend… In Encounters, you’ll be able to assist 50 survivors.

Master Parkour: Achieve the highest level of parkour proficiency.

Combat Mastery: Attain the highest level of combat proficiency.

Boot Licker: For any faction, reach City Alignment 7.

Who Would Like to Be a… Collect a million dollars in Old World currency.

Meet all of your Sparker love interests in Man on a Mission.

Travel at least 960 kilometers in an ultramarathon.

Fall from a cumulative height of at least 10,994 meters after the fall.

Good Night & Good Luck: Survive your first night.

This is something I can’t touch! Without taking damage, kill 20 foes in a row using melee weapons.

Kill a Volatile, Night Hunter.

Kill a Spitter with a ranged weapon from afar.

Use the UV Flashlight to kill a Viral in the tanning salon.

50 headshots with a ranged weapon = Terminal Headache.

Poke slowly! Lose the maximum amount of Chase points.

Join a co-op session to get all social.

That’s what teamwork is all about! While playing with at least two other players, kill 100 foes.

Perform 10 Perfect Blocks in a row without taking damage using Lightning Reflexes.

Modder: Make at least 50 modifications to your weapons.

Fit as a Fiddle: Improve your overall health.

Ironheart: Increase your stamina to the maximum.

Sancho Panza: Go ahead and turn on your first windmill. Windmills may be found all over the area, but since you don’t have any assignments there, it’s easy to ignore them. To get the Sancho Panza trophy, however, you must climb one and activate it with the fuse box.

Don Quixote: Turn on all the windmills. Look at the map below to see where all of the windmills are located.

last-1024x318How to unlock the Platinum Trophy in Dying Light 2

You’re on your way down! 50 takedowns are required.

Don’t Look Up: Smash at least 50 foes without looking up.

Do you see what I mean? With a Spear, kill 50 adversaries.

Complete all Nightrunner Trials to become a true Nightrunner.

Bing, Bing, Bing! After a Double Wall Run, do an Air Kick.

Find all Collectible Notes with the help of the Archivist.

Find all Collectible Recordings if you’re an audiophile.

Discover all Graffiti Tag Collectibles, if you’re a fan of street art.

I know it seems daunting, but most of these awards are obtained just following the main campaign plot. If you, like me, despise travelling backwards on the map, divide these trophies into sections and complete them one at a time. That way, by the time you finish the main campaign, you’ll have completed everything. That’s how you obtain the Platinum Trophy in Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a platinum PS trophy?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

Can you get Platinum trophy without DLC?

A: Unfortunately, the developers of Beat Saber have not released a platinum trophy that players can obtain without any DLC.

What is the easiest Platinum trophy?

A: The easiest Platinum trophy is the One-Handed only, as it does not require any additional weapons in order to be earned.

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