Here we look at some of the latest bonuses available in the Grand Theft Auto Online.

Last week we posted that Payday 2 had been released on the PS4. This week we have a massive update for GTA Online. The reason for this week being a big one is because the new feature is called Import/Export. Import/Export is a feature that allows you to import or export a variety of vehicles, clothes, weapons and more from GTA Online. This means you can now experience a more varied game of GTA Online, which is something Rockstar are continually trying to do.

GTA Online has been growing steadily over the last few months, and this week’s Import/Export bonuses are likely to attract even more players to the massive multiplayer online game.

GTA Online from Rockstar Games offers the possibility to expand your car business. For those who want to take the plunge, there are a number of bonuses available. word-image-6347 Besides the triple GTA$ and RP in mining, players can also earn double GTA$ and RP in truck sales missions and VIP/CEO jobs and missions. Players can also earn a $250,000 GTA bonus for finding five or more cars in cargo theft missions, as well as a $500,000 GTA bonus for finding ten or more cars. Please note that they must be received by the 30th. June must be received. All bodyguards and assistants get paid double, and everyone who registers gets a free Vinewood Boulevard Radio t-shirt. word-image-6348 Be sure to stop by Diamond Casino & Resort and spin the Wheel of Fortune for a chance to win this week’s top prize: Entity Överflöd XF. Meanwhile, enjoy complimentary drinks at Diamond Casino Bar and Music Locker. word-image-6349 For executives, the Pegasus offers a complimentary concierge service. It is also possible to change the desktop assistant and rename the organization at no extra cost. Those looking to save money can take advantage of a 50% discount on executive offices and renovations and a 30% discount on auto storage. As for the vehicles, enjoy 40% off the Benefactor Stirling GT, Pfister 811 and Dewbauchee Seven-70, and 35% off the B-11 Strikeforce and Buckingham Volatus. Finally, those who link their Rockstar Social Club account to their Prime Gaming account can receive a $100,000 bonus to GTA when they play at any time this week, as well as 70% off Valkyrie Buckingham and 80% off Dinka Sugoi. Source: Press release word-image-6350 Posted less than a minute ago by Casey Scheld in News Rockstar Games’ GTA Online has the ability to expand the car boosting business, by offering a number of bonuses to those who want to dive in. word-image-6351 Posted 40 minutes ago by Casey Scheld in News The fourth environment to appear in the game takes you to the skate park in Mattel and Milestone’s Hot Wheels Unleashed. word-image-6352 Posted 2 hours ago by Casey Scheld in News The team at Flow Fire Games announced today that the sequel to their critically acclaimed shooter Rogue-Lite SYNTHETIK 2 will be released on 19… August 2021 will be released on Steam Early Access. word-image-6353 Posted 2 hours ago by Casey Scheld in News Players must confront the threats around them to save the ones they love when NIS America’s MONARK role-playing game is released in early 2022.Hey folks, Neodruid here. Looking out in the great grand world, it’s a new week in the world of GTA Online. As you might have heard, an import/export location will be opening up in the coming weeks and this week we’re going to take a look at the bonuses you can earn in the new location.. Read more about gta discounts this week and let us know what you think.

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