The new Borderlands 3 DLC (dlc) is called “The Clap Trap”, and this guide will help you get the best possible experience out of it.

If you’ve ever played Borderlands 3, you’ll know that it’s not uncommon for you to be asked to complete a side quest. Even if you’ve done the bulk of the main story missions, there’s always some additional errand you’ve been asked to complete. I’m one of those players who likes to take the time to complete all the side missions I can, and I’ve recently been asked to complete a few in Borderlands 3. Here’s a guide to help you along with those quests.

This Side Mission Guide will tell you all you need to know about side missions in Borderlands 3. It includes the Side Mission names, and their completion requirements. The guide also displays the reward for each Side Mission, along with the Mission’s location on the map. All the Side Missions are listed in the order they appear in the game.

Irregular Customers is a side quest found in the Eden 6 Borderlands 3 game.

The mission is to help Kay get his bar back from the thugs who took it.

Here’s a brief overview of the unregulated clients in Borderlands 3.

Recommended level: 23 years and older.

Go to the witches’ swamp

The first goal is to get to the witch’s butt.

You will find many hunters in the area. You can clean the area first.

Praters killing

As mentioned above, you have to kill the Jabbers first.

Kill Apollo

An elite jabber named Apollo will appear. Turn it off.

Cooling valve

Remove the coolant valve from the dead body of the Jabber.

Install cooling valve

Take the valve and place it in the marked position.

Reverse switch

There are 3 switches that need to be switched. Every time you launch one, you have to worry about jabbers appearing.

Killing Artemis

Finally, go to the bar. You’ll have to take on Artemis, another elite jabber who comes from the bar.

The mission ends here.

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