SWTOR is one of the most highly anticipated games in recent memory. It was a massive undertaking during its lifetime, but did it live up to expectations?
Every player has their own perspective on this question. Some say they had an amazing time playing through SWTOR’s story and leveling up their character – even if everything wasn’t perfect. Others say that the game didn’t quite meet their standards, with unbalanced classes and bugs galore plaguing gameplay for months after launch.,
Ultimately, we can only speculate about what people’s opinions are based off old memories from three years ago. Let us know your thoughts: have you ever played SWTOR? Would you recommend it to someone looking for a good MMO experience today? What do you think would be required before another gaming studio could produce something like this again?,
The last few days have been marked by some incredible reveals about Star Wars Battlefront 2! We’re excited for more information; so let’s talk about it now! Has anyone out there been waiting patiently or does everyone want these new changes as soon as possible?!

The “swtor legacy of the sith changes” is a question that has been asked by many. The answer to this question is no.

Is anyone out there happy about SWTOR’s Legacy of the Sith?


So, with the delay of Legacy of the Sith, Star Wars The Old Republic has an additional couple of months to cure all of the expansion’s faults, right? All of the issues that players had in January, such as solo play awards, gearing adjustments, random weekly content, ability pruning, and combat modifications, were resolved, right? I’m sure you can conjure up a suitable Anakin-and-Padme meme right now.

Unfortunately, the majority of the flaws that plagued the game’s January build seem to still be there now that Legacy of the Sith has arrived. The primary point of contention here is that players believe there has been a change away from solo play, which has historically been a vital component of the game, to raiding and endgame content, which now includes the majority of the finest rewards. As a result, the forums, particularly the subreddit, have been flooded with complaints, memes, and point-by-point explanations of where BioWare went wrong.

Surprisingly, many users are dissatisfied with the user interface, particularly the inventory and icons (some are really, really unhappy about the icons, wow), as well as the lack of customization. (This discussion about the UI has won many accolades; it explains how the UI was inspired by more minimalist non-MMOs.) Other gamers are upset because their character builds seem to have been “gutted.”

There’s also a lot of misunderstanding about what was done during the delay, with some players even demanding BioWare to rollback and start again. One discussion claims that “everything in 7.0 is a clear degradation.” Another criticizes the usage of the term “expansion” to describe the material, urging BioWare to be more forthright about the magnitude and scope of their SWTOR initiatives in the future. And, of course, those who pointed out that this was occurring in January and were screamed down may now use their “I told you so” defense.

On the official forums, users are displeased with what they claim is just two hours of material, making it less than Onslaught. It’s been dubbed a “complete catastrophe” in one major thread.

Of course, not everyone is enraged; other players argue that the situation isn’t as awful as the current outrage suggests, and here’s one sending sympathy hugs to the UI designers, who he’s sure didn’t want to build a UI like this one.

In any case, BioWare looks to be in a pickle, since this isn’t the how the game’s first expansion in two years should be received.


The “swtor: legacy of the sith expansion” is a new update for SWTOR that adds a new chapter to the game. The update will introduce changes to the leveling system, and it will also include a new class called Sith Warrior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Star Wars: The Old Republic shutting down?

A: If you are looking for the answer to that, then I am sorry; there is no definite answer.

Can you be a Sith in SWTOR?

A: No, Sith are not available as a playable class.

What is the max Legacy level in SWTOR?

A: The max level Legacy can achieve is 50.

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