Lethality, otherwise known as Lethality, is a system introduced in League of Legends. Lethality is a complex system that deals a lot with how kill potential, as well as the other items in the game, should be calculated and applied to the game. This will explain what Lethality is, and how it works.

Lethality is a game mechanic, where a champion can deal more damage to you when such champion has higher Attack Damage. For example, Jinx has higher AD than Kha’Zix but has lower AD than Akali. This means that Jinx can deal more damage to Kha’Zix than Kha’zix can to her. If you are really not sure about lethality or want to know more about it, this article is very helpful.

League of Legends might not be the most popular title, but it is the most played game at the moment, and it has a lot to offer. The game was created by a team of programmers named Riot Games and the game features a roster of champions that have special abilities that can be unlocked over time. Some of these champions allow players to teleport, others to summon minions and others to summon pets such as wolves and bears.

Although it launched in 2017, I only recently began to fully understand Lethality. In short, it’s a shielding amplifier. But it’s more complicated than that. League of Legends Lethality isn’t just another statistic – it’s a separate part of a complicated formula that leads to armor penetration. Would it be easier if Riot just brought back the old armor penetration? Absolutely. But it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon. So now we need to find a mathematical equation to determine the actual penetration of our armor. Looking for more tips and tricks on LoL ? Click to see all our League of Legends guides . In this article I explain how the Lethality formula works, what the disadvantages are and which champions you should rely on.

Lethality 101: Lethality in League of Legends explained

You’ve heard that term here and there. But in LoL, what is lethality? Let’s get this straight. According to the League of Legends wiki, the formula for armor piercing is as follows: Armor penetration flat = Lethality x (0.6 + 0.4 xlevel ÷ 18) Essentially, this means that armor penetration is a direct result of your lethality and level. Lethality costs less at the beginning of the game, but once you reach level 18, you can take full advantage of it. Another aspect to understand is that the flat armor penetration is not the only value that affects the target’s armor. There is also a flat armor reduction, a percentage armor reduction, and a percentage armor penetration. All these values affect the target’s armor in the following order:

  1. Flat armor reduction
  2. Armor reduction percentage
  3. Percentage of shield penetration
  4. Shallow armour piercing (lethality)

Let’s look at a brief description of each of these additional statistics. Image: Riot Games word-image-6549 word-image-6550

Reduction of flat armour

This is the easiest to understand. If the target’s armor is affected by a flat reduction, the reduction is immediately removed from its armor. For example, if a target has a total armor of 200 and gets an armor reduction of 80, his new total armor is 120. This deduction is split between their base armor and their bonus armor. Flat reduction of armor can also reduce a target’s total armor to a negative number. It is most effective against champions who have almost no armor bonus.

Percentage reduction of armaments

The percentage reduction in armor works by multiplying the target’s armor by (100% is the amount of the percentage reduction in armor). If there is a reduction in cross reinforcement in addition to the percentage reduction in armor, the total armor after the cross reinforcement is used in this equation. For example, if a target has base armor of 100 and bonus armor of 100 and has armor reduction of 30%, the equation is as follows: (100 base armor x 0.7) + (100 bonus armor x 0.7) = 140 total armor. So a target with armor of 200 and armor reduction of 30% would still have armor of 140 after deduction.

Percentage of penetration of the shield

The percentage of armor piercing does not change the armor value of the target. This is only important in damage calculation, because it makes the number of the armor lower than it really is. In the equation, multiply the target’s base armor and armor bonus by (100% ˗ amount of armor penetration). As a target z. B. has a base armor of 50 and a bonus armor of 150, and the armor penetration is 20%, the equation is as follows: (50 base armor x 0.8) + (150 bonus armor x 0.8) = 160 total armor. However, this equation is only used to calculate the damage. The armor penetration rate does not change the target’s armor value, so any other effects based on the target’s total armor value are not affected by the armor penetration rate.


Picture: Riot Games via HGG word-image-6551 word-image-6552 I know it was confusing, but bear with me – we’re almost done. As I mentioned earlier, each type of armor reduction or penetration is applied in a specific order: Armor reduction flat, armor reduction percentage, armor penetration percentage, lethality. To calculate lethality, let’s assume the champion inflicting the damage is level 16. For this example, let’s take a target with 50 base armor and 150 bonus armor. You get a flat armor reduction of 15, armor reduction of 20%, armor penetration of 15% and lethality of 50. Flat Armor Reduction: Reduces total armor to 185. 46.25 base armor and 138.75 bonus armor. (50 basic armour – 3,75) + (150 bonus armour – 11,25) = 185 total armour Armour removal Percentage: Reduces total armor to 148. 37 base armor and 111 bonus armor. (46.25 base armor x 0.8) + 138.75 bonus armor x 0.8) = 148 total armor. Shield penetration rate: Reduces total armor to 125.8 for damage calculation. 31.45 base armor and 94.35 bonus armor. (37 base armor x 0.85) + (111 bonus armor x 0.85) = 125.8 total armor. lethality (shallow armour piercing): Reduces the target’s total armor to 78.1. However, as with the armor penetration rate, the total armor of the target is not technically reduced. It is only for the purpose of calculating compensation. 50 lethality x (0,6 + 0,4 x 16 ÷ 18) = 47,7 The end result? 125.8 total armour – 47.7 lethality = 78.1 total armour Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous.

How To Maximize Your Lethality

If you’re playing a champion who needs Lethality, there are several ways to optimize it. It is best to combine it with armor reduction. The combination of lethality and reduction in armor further breaks down the armor, which is the best end result. You can also not care about armor reduction and take a ton of Lethality, but it’s not necessary. The best method is to combine your League of Legends lethality score with other scores, especially attack damage. Here are a few articles I highly recommend.

Lethal objects

Here are some of the best League of Legends Lethality items to add to your set.   word-image-6553 word-image-6554 Draktharr’s Twilight Blade (Mythic) Duskblade is one of the classic Lethality items that remains strong even after items are redeveloped. It gives 75 points of attack damage, 26 points of lethality and 25 points of skill improvement. He has the Night Stalker skill, which causes your first attack on an enemy to deal extra damage, slowing him down by 99% and making you invisible if he dies within three seconds of your attack. His mythic passive gives your legendary items 5 haste abilities, so he’s good for champions who care more about that than damage and lethality.   word-image-6555 word-image-6556 Sisygia (mythical) This item is only available if you have Ornn in your team. Syzygy offers 75 attack damage, 26 lethality, and 10% omnivamp. He has the ability Always Rising Moon, which is activated when you deflect two abilities or attacks in 1.5 seconds. The ever-expanding moon inflicts a percentage of health damage, grants a speed bonus for a short time and a temporary shield. Syzygy’s mythic passive gives you legendary items 4% armor penetration. This is my favorite item for mythic killers, if it’s available.   word-image-6557 word-image-6558 Claw of Sagace (mythical) The Ranger’s Claw inflicts 60 attack damage, 21 lethal damage, and 20 skill enhancement points. His skill is called Sandswipe, an active skill that allows you to sprint through enemies and do physical damage. You also deal extra damage to that opponent for a short time. His mythic passive ability grants 5 Lethality to legendary items. If lethality is all you’re after, this is definitely the best Mythic for you.   word-image-6559 word-image-6560 Ghost Blade Yumuu Youmuu gives 60 points of attack damage and 18 points of lethality. His active ability, called Wraith Step, gives you a 20% movement speed bonus when activated, and 40 movement speed when not in combat. This is probably the best non-mythical lethality item in the game, especially for champions who also need high movement speed.   word-image-6561 word-image-6562 Edge of the night Edge deals 50 attack damage, 10 lethal damage, and 325 health. His active spell, Annul, casts a shield spell that blocks the opponent’s next attack. Personally, I prefer Fringe of the Night on Brawlers because of the health bonus, but it’s great for any Lethality user. The only real downside to Edge of Night is that it can be difficult to get the timing right for a shield spell. But that’s how you should feel.

Other significant lethality elements

Here are some minor (but still very useful) items for Lethality!   word-image-6563 word-image-6564 Black clover Black Cleaver is the only item on this list that I consider essential for Lethality users. It gives 40 attack damage, 400 health and 25 ability acceleration. What makes it so good is its ability – inflicting damage with Black Cleaver gives the target a 5% armor reduction stack, up to a maximum reduction of 30%. Since this is one of the only uses of armor reduction in the game, there is no reason not to use this item with Lethal.   word-image-6565 word-image-6566 Serylda’s grudge This item grants 45 attack damage, 30% armor penetration, and 20 power enhancements. He also has the ability to slow down his opponents, but that is not his advantage. Armor penetration percentage is excellent against Lethality, especially against champions with very high armor. This is one of the most powerful items for lethality fighters, but it can be used by almost any lethality user.   word-image-6567 word-image-6568 Mr. Dominic’s wishes Lord Dominic’s Gaze inflicts 30 attack damage, 20% chance of critical hits, and 35% armor penetration. This item is usually used by archers who must fight supertanks in some way, but it is also useful for Lethality fighters. While not a core item, it combines well with standard lethality items or ADC combos that focus on critical hit chances. Since this is one of the only armor piercing items with a critical hit chance, I highly recommend it for any ADC.   word-image-6569 word-image-6570 Divine devotion (mythical) Divine deals 40 attack damage, 400 health, and 20 ability points. His mythic passive gives all legendary items 5% armor penetration and 5% magic penetration. This kind of hybrid penetration makes the whole topic weird. This is great for Lethality users who can take advantage of this hybrid nature, but it can seem strange to users who do more direct attack damage.   word-image-6571 word-image-6572 Krakenkiller (mythical) Kraken Slayer deals 65 attack damage, 25% attack speed, and 20% chance of critical strike. With this skill, every third attack deals bonus damage, making it a staple in shooting games. While this item is not often used in builds with lethality, I think it has potential. If you play a sniper and want something that combines reasonably well with some Lethality (but not a ton), then this might be a good choice for you. However, be careful if you decide to use this element. It doesn’t combine directly with Lethality, so you have to adjust the rest of your build to work with it.

Serious errors

The League of Legends lethality stat doesn’t have many drawbacks. However, there are a few things worth noting about how things can go wrong. First, you have to be careful how you build it. If you have too much Lethality and too little damage, you can’t take advantage of the reduction in armor. If you have a lot of damage but little lethality, the opposite will happen. When you create Lethality, you need to make sure the other properties are well-proportioned. This is not a single statistic. Think of it more as a tool.   word-image-2333 word-image-2334


League of Legends Lethality and other stats that affect armor can be difficult to understand. There’s a lot more math than you want, but you just have to understand how it works to use it. Don’t get frustrated trying to figure out how your values affect lethality, because you don’t have to understand everything. Enjoy the game for what it is, and don’t hate it for what it isn’t. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter and get great tips delivered straight to your inbox. Enjoy the game! Linked readingLeague of Legends, or LoL, provides an alternative to the usual first-person shooter games. The game, developed by Riot games, focuses on champions and skill over the format of a traditional game such as the Call of Duty series. Heroes can be viewed as a way to relate to the characters, as they are not created by a developer, but come from the community. LoL has an extensive lore behind it, which is described in the in-game lorebook. Basically, it’s a pretty simple concept: the game is played by two teams, one controlled by the Radiant (good guys) and the other by the Dire (bad guys) and the goal is to destroy the other team’s Nexus, which stands for a base of. Read more about what does lethality do in lol and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is lethality calculated?

What is lethality? What is armor? What is attack damage? How do you find out? This blog post will try to answer all these questions. In order to calculate lethality you need to calculate armor, armor penetration and attack damage. There are many different ways to calculate these, but the simplest way to calculate them is by using a formula. Lethality is a term used in League of Legends and other games to describe a player’s ability to deal damage and kill their opponent. Lethality can be calculated using the formula: Lethality = [Damage Done * (1 – Armor)] / (1 – Magic Penetration). This formula essentially looks at a player’s ability to deal damage through their weapon and the armor and magic resistance of their opponent. The higher the damage a player can deal, the higher the lethality is.

Is lethality better than armor pen?

Lethality is a concept that has been around since League of Legends (LoL) launched in 2009. The idea is that if you have a champion that deals a lot of damage, they should be more effective at doing so than other champions. However, that being said, there is more to lethality than just damage. Shielding and CC (crowd control) reduces the value of a champion’s lethality. The more shields you can buy, the less damage a champion can take. The more CC you can apply, the less damage a champion can deal. It is important to note that armor penetration doesn’t play into lethality. When you see shields and CC, what you’re really seeing is who has Lethality is a way of classifying stats as good or bad for a character, more specifically for a champion. Lethality is the term used for the damage dealt by a champion, and the amount of that damage that a champion deals. Lethality is important to understand because it is the core concept of some champion builds and item builds. Why? Because it’s the reason why armor pen builds are so effective, and why every champion has at least one dominant lane (Mid or Top).

How does lethality work league Reddit?

League of Legends is a very popular PC based MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that is played competitively by millions of players around the world. The game has a variety of champions that are all unique in their own way with many different roles that they can fill. Lethality is one of these champions that is a very interesting one to look at as it is a champion that has a very high learning curve and is a very different kind of champion to play as compared to the rest of the champions in the game. League of Legends is a MOBA game which makes you choose 2 of 3 champions to play as, and you play in teams of 5. Each champion has a unique playstyle which makes them very different from the other champions, so it’s hard to play the same champion more than once.  The game also has a long term goal called “the League” which holds a lot of intrigue for many people and is something that I’m sure many people are interested in learning about.  Lethality is a mechanic that was added recently and allows you to win the game by killing all of the enemy champions which means that you can’t lose the game.  This mechanic is something that we don’t see a lot in games and it

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